Nick back on court?

Do we expect to see Nick this week?

I don’t think anyone knows. Can’t really answer your question becuz no one knows anything. If he is coming back this week, it’s being kept a big secret. If I were to just take a wild guess, NSJ probably doesn’t play tomorrow night, but maybe plays some minutes on Saturday.

I think he plays tomorrow night. Just a guess.

If I were to take a wild guess I’d say he plays in the next game. From his own mouth (or tweet) he said “back in two weeks” just over two weeks ago.

He is probably good enough to play without practicing. He knows the system. But no one has done that before after being off for six weeks. We will see.

We could use him even if only for ten minutes. His skill set and demeanor would likely add to our energy.

He has been doing cardio and shooting so he may have enough stamina to play but if and when he does play he will be a bit rusty. I would just like to see him put on the uniform and at least sit dressed out if anything else it will lead to some drama for our opponents.

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Anyone know if he got on the team plane? I assume no one knows that, or it would have ben shouted from the mountain tops already.

Nothing would surprise me with this situation. If he is gonna play, it is getting late, really late.

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Saturday. MS State….

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Have read where some people think he will play at home against Mississippi State… nobody has a clue, so not really worth putting a whole lot of thought into it.i am just passing along what I have seen posted elsewhere.

hey You…where have you seen Ms State elsewhere?

I just saw it mentioned on another board but as I’ve said nobody really knows what’s going on but Nick and his people.

When we see him we will see him if not ,at this point I really could care less I’m over all this drama. Just our luck that this crap would happen to us and we have to go through all this mystery of knowing really nothing what’s going on.

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big risk if he gets shown up by KY opposite talent, his crew will pick his battles. agree that no one knows anything with Nick. only if he has sturctural damage does he risk further injury then he should have had it corrected, Darius Winston is the only recent parallel and that is what he did without a draft drop.

Hmm. i hope they’re not thinking weak. I’d be thinking about putting him in for five minutes or so at about the 12:00 minute mark in the first half…and see how he does.

You mean Darius Garland of Vanderbilt. Another recent example is Michael Proctor Jr of Missouri.

Then of course you have Kyrie Irving, who is the model that was used for Garland and Proctor decisions. Kyrie sat out almost the entire season at Duke and was drafted #1 by Cleveland. All three are NBA all stars.

Rich Paul knows what he is doing. He knows what NBA wants. He talks to them all the time. All Nick has to do is pass a medical exam, do individual workouts for few teams and he gets drafted in Top 10. He doesn’t have to play a minute for Arkansas to make it to NBA.

Every year, there are two or three guys who can go from high school to NBA. Nick is one of them.

If Nick plays this year, it will be simply to make Arkansas fans happy. I am sure the dreams he had about a national championship at Arkansas are no longer there. And there is potential risk in playing again . It is apparent Paul does not want Nick to play further. Question is whether Nick goes against his advice.

I think you mean Michael Porter Jr.


You just made the case for why the NBA needs to start drafting HS players again.
The current situation with Rich Paul and his ilk is garbage for college basketball fans, and this situation has been a particular heartbreaker for Arkansas Basketball fans.

I personally love the Arkansas Razorbacks more than I love any one player, but AB and Jordan were McDonald’s AA’s too, and they have played thru pain the whole season. I will remember them fondly.
Nick…not so much.


I think that makes sense, if true. I would imagine Nick would like to make his first game back in front of a home crowd. He would still get a chance to play against KY in our last game of the season.