Nice win to get!

But do we practice against the zone? Do we practice 3 pt shooting? Do we practice FT’s?
Do we run plays?

I thought they got good shots. Just didn’t hit them. Tired legs maybe. Good win

Your joking? Get a life win on the road.

Whitt got shots inside the zone. Couldn’t hit them. Joe and Mason both missed wide open threes they normally knock down. We shot 70% from the line and Mason missed three of the five we bricked.

I do jest. I do find it hilarious on many levels.

Especially the last 10 minutes.

But a really nice win.

Love the grit! Two obvious things… playing 8 players with only 2 3pt threats without an inside threat? Tough for the minutes they’re playing. Defensive intensity is outstanding but taking a toll on offense.

Need a few more players! Okay 3 obvious things!!

That was a miserable shooting exhibition in the 2nd half, but a win is a win. We did play good defense on Tech, however. In the overtime neither team made a shot until about 20 seconds left. Brick after brick. We’ll call this one, “Escape from Atlanta”.

Both teams shot poorly over the last 5 minutes and OT. Not going to worry about it as long as we play D and win. Pretty good job on a team that should have worn us out on the block.

Sloppy wins on the road build character —
This team will be fun to watch this year—
Hats off to all!!! Wps!!!

Road win.

Tough crowd.

Good solid road win. Tech was a consensus #10 ACC pick…and already had beaten the ACC’s consensus #5 pick on the road. So, I figure Tech is playing a bit better than they were slotted preseason.

The line was 1…how the betting gods knew Mason’s final shot in OT was going to be a winner is a head scratcher to me.

Tremendous win and confidence builder, wasn’t pretty on the court but that W in the win column is a sight to behold!! WPS

Line ESPN quoted was Hogs -2.5. Didn’t cover, I don’t care. Wouldn’t care if I had bet on it (big dispute on whether the Indian tribes in North Carolina can offer sports betting at their two casinos).

Vegas line opened at 1.5 and closed at 1.

In the past the hogs have found ways to get beat late. Not this time! They found a way to win.
Free throw shooting wasn’t good and missing the front end of a 1 and 1 in OT by Jones was disappointing. I think he missed 3 free throws in the first half.
The turnovers committed by the hogs late in the game and overtime was also a red flag.
The players were flat wore out and tired legs cause shots to come up short and Miss. we need some depth.