Nice win for Jimmy and the girls

Jumped on Bama early at T-town (29-15 after 1Q, 40-18 at half) and cruised to easy 68-50 win for their first SEC victory. Now 12-6/1-4; Bama is 14-4/2-3. Played without Jessica Jackson; we had five girls in double figures led by freshman guard Jailyn Mason with 15 points. Mason had 13 points in that first quarter.


Much needed win,good job Ladies,WPS

I don’t know why Jackson didn’t play. I was flipping back and forth between Packers-Cowboys and the women’s game, so I missed any explanation. She was sitting on the bench in the same T-shirt the nonplaying team members were wearing. Neither the UA website report, the Bama website report nor the story in the Tuscaloosa paper mention Jackson at all, and Whole Hog Sports doesn’t have any game story.

Anybody find out why Jackson didn’t play?

Coach’s decision. Jimmy just parked her butt on the bench. She’ll play tonight against Vandy, but may not start.

According to JD she wasn’t playing up to her potential, so I guess it was a wake up call so to speak.
Probably more to it than we know but she will be back in action and all are on the same page now.

Meanwhile, a former 5 star recruit(allegedly) transfers to Miss Steak, and no one says a word. Like Bielema is fond of saying: you recruit your own problems.