Nice to see Stacey Lewis doing well

in the Ladies Scottish Open, on the golf channel early this morning.

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Thanks for the reminder Fred. Stacy wins on the first hole of the playoff. Love that Hog driver cover!

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She won the Women’s Scottish Open in a 4 person playoff with a birdie on the first playoff hole. She is just a really tough competitor. Tough as a hickory nut, as they say.

Congratulations to Stacey.

First win for Stacey since the birth of her daughter…congrats!

On to the Ladies’ British Open, which Stacey has won before, next week.

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Dang, how cold was it today in Scotland at the Women’s Scottish Open? Those women looked like they were freezing. Those Scots are one tough people. Does anybody in Scotland own a bathing suit?

Scotland is a wonderful place. We spent a couple of weeks there about 6 years ago. My sister in law is from there and we took her to see her hometown (Innerleithen) for the first time in 50 years. Played golf in Innerleithen with the wife and brother in law (my favorite round ever). And we visited St. Andrews. Just glorious.

The people there were so welcoming and warm. Life in Innerleithen is simple. Reminds me of the USA in the 50’s and early 60’s.

Great win for Stacy!

Yep! But they are made from Whale skins!

When that putt dropped me and my wife jumped up cheering and high giving. Frankie (our dog) started barking. He thought we were nuts!

Fanntastic putt.

Great win for the First Lady of Hog Golf…

You could not have someone finer to represent your school. She is a wonderful person and ambassador for the UA women’s golf program. Congrats.

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