Nice to see Mike Anderson at BWA

I thought it was a classy move on Hunter’s part to invite Mike and it was classy on his part to come and it was classy on the part of fans to give Mike a round ovation.

I admit that I thought it was going to be sad for me to honor Nolan without Mike being the coach, but him being there made all that good.

TJ was there as well.

The players seemed really excited to see Mike, His wife and TJ.

Tells you a lot about the man.

Mike is all class. Watching him tweet out a video to the fans after being fired last year was pretty unbelievable. I know he didn’t win as much as some wanted but he rebuilt the program and won a lot of games

Yes, that was great. The fans in the end line where the players and coaches were walking onto the floor started the loud ovation before I even saw Mike emerge. That was really good to see and hear.