Nice to cruise to an easy win

We just kept having good innings on both sides of the plate. Funny, though, even with an 8 run lead I wasn’t completely relaxed knowing the home team could theoretically get 9 runs in B9 to win the game. That LSU game has made me a bit gun shy.

But now I think we’re almost a lock to host. Our RPI was 17 going into this game (after getting up to 14 after the Thursday night win.). Absent someone right behind us doing something great this weekend, we should be inside the top 16 RPI. Now that we have the first round bye at Hoover, a win or two there should put us in very good position. Certainly our SOS will go up.

It’s been a really good season after the nightmare last year. Now I’m harboring hopes of a great season. Omaha might still be a long shot, but I’ve seen lesser teams get there.

So proud of this team!! It’s been a very good year to say the least!! Go Hogs!!

Top 16 RPI doesn’t necessarily guarantee hosting. Somebody up north with a worse RPI could get a regional because they don’t like to put all 16 regionals in the Sun Belt. The latest projection doesn’t put one in the Midwest or Northeast at all, though. Highest RPI from the Rust Belt is Indiana at 29, but they’re fifth in the Big 10+4. Not sure they’d dip that far down the list. Nebraska leads the 10+4 standings with RPI of 44.

Yeah, I’m aware the top 16 doesn’t guarantee anything, but I’d think with our facilities & ability to draw lots of fans works well in our favor. Obviously there’ll be one in Lexington, Baton Rouge & Gainesville. While all are SEC none are terribly close to us. Mo St might be able to supplant us. Their RPI is high.

Regardless, I know a lot of factors enter into the decision & our chances improve the more we win. I’ll still be disappointed if we don’t host. Four host spots isn’t out of line for the SEC.

SMS cannot host because Springfield Cards have a home series on regional weekend. Now they are able to host a Super Regional, but I doubt they are a national seed.

Facilities and potential attendance mean little to the NCAA when it comes to the host sites. I think Arkansas will host based on its body of work.

I don’t think there is much thought either of trying to spread out sites. The farthest west a regional was hosted last year was Lubbock, Texas. The farthest north was Louisville. Most teams know that there is a good chance they will head south for regional play, and probably to the Southeast.

BTW, check out the current RPI from Nolan here. Arkansas is at #13 (up 5) and SMS is at #23 (down 9).

Good info, Matt. I thought crowds, etc made a difference. Perhaps they never did, but that was once conventional wisdom. I suppose no one in the tournament is so devoid of facilities they couldn’t meet the minimum needs of hosting 3 teams somewhere in their vicinity.

That’s a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think they’d move up 5 spots on the strength of this win. Of course, I don’t know what other teams in top 20 are doing. Glad to hear we’re ahead of Mo St. now, although if Swine is right (and I’m sure he is) they’re out of consideration for that weekend, anyway.

That was me that noted that they have no place to play a regional. :sunglasses:

There was a time when that made a difference, but not anymore. The NCAA primarily wants to ensure two things:

  1. The ballpark is available to the NCAA all day for every day of the regional.

  2. There enough quality hotels in the city to accommodate the visiting teams.

Oops. Sorry. My bad. I should’ve known you’d be up on it better than Jeff. :smiley:

Thanks for the info, Matt. Your excellent baseball coverage is appreciated.

Not so fast on Misery State…
Evidently SMS played home games in this park before moving into Hammons Field. There used to be an independent minor league team there before the Redbirds came to town. So why didn’t they play the super there in 2015? No idea.

See above.

By the way, if they give the Bad News Bears a regional over us (with a worse RPI and a worse record) after we went to Springfield and dropkicked them 12-4…

I’d be livid if they got one over us in light of how much we’re ahead of them in the RPI, our win over them, & all the other ways we’re more deserving.