Nice story about the Big Shootout

It’s probably been posted here before but if not here it is. … e-in-1969/

A good read about the Big Shootout is Horns, Hogs, and Nixon Coming: Texas vs. Arkansas in Dixie’s Last Stand
I’ve read it several times, although I usually skip chapter 26.
It’s a great study of the things that surrounded the game, Clinton faking out Colonel Eugene Holmes (head of ROTC at Arkansas), the end of the band playing Dixie when Arkansas scored, the integration of both teams, etc.

I was there at the game while a student. I remember the game like it was yesterday. I often wonder how it would have been had we won. We were knocking the dog out of Texas every play on defense. We forced 7 Texas turnovers and still lost. I’m like Coach Broyles and will never get over that loss. What a game.

I was at that game also. It still makes the pit of my stomach ache.
I get a similar feeling about the Liberty Bowl robbery and that is
why I hate the orange marmalade school to this day.

I was there also and to make the long ride back to Memphis after the loss, thought be had it but them damn Horns. The book is a really good book, covers the game, the year and the mood of the country at the time.

I was a freshman at what is now UA Monticello and working Saturdays at Wiengartens in Pine Bluff. The game was on a TV set up in the meat department. I was supposed to be checking groceries but there were few customers. Everyone was in front of their TV sets. I was able to sneak back to watch a good portion of the game and was heartbroken with the loss.

But that December proved to be a big one for me since later that month I saw my future wife (of 46 years) in the same store for the first time.