Nice story about Muss and his evaluation of players


Some of muss’s quotes in this article are very telling. . . .

“I think as soon as you dive in, and you talk to a parent, a high school coach, an AAU coach, or the player, I would say about 40% of our phone calls, we eliminate (the player) after one or two calls,” Musselman said. “You can get a good feel for what’s important to the player, the minute they start talking about how many shots, how many minutes (are available) … (they are) probably not going to be the right fit for us. They want to get better? They want player development? Then those conversations keep going.”

“I would say, the first two years, there was zero competition with transfers. I mean, we didn’t have any problem, we had very few recruiting battles,” Musselman said. "And then I would say in year three, you know, some competition. And then last year the recruiting and the over-recruiting of transfers became so there were so many misevaluations, so many players going above the level that we felt (they merited), and the competition was so fierce. And that’s why we have five freshmen coming in next year.

“We thought the transfer market was being over-recruited,” Musselman said. “And so we changed course—really, it was last summer, that we decided to go that route.”

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Sounds like this might explain how Ware’s recruitment process lead him to go to Oregon.

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