Nice Road Series Win at Bama

These young Hogs have been fortunate to start their 2019 SEC by playing against two of the bottom feeders (Missou and Bama). But, the Hogs also have been focused and finished those games at 5-1…

Not as good as what Vandy, A&M, or Aubie have achieved, but a very good start.

It’s been very nice to see Nesbit picking up his hitting, as well as Goodheart.

HK looked very good today, making very nice contact.

Looks good facing the rest of the league.

Unfortunately, Martin’s batting struggles continue…even with a first inning HR.

To me it seems that Casey swings for the fence every AB. Sometimes you have to slow it down and make contact.

I was driving & had to hear the first 5 innings on the radio, but as gratified as I was to hear Casey’s HR on the second pitch, I thought I hope he’s coming out of his slump & didn’t just connect on one hard swing. But yeah, he still struggled most of the day. We need him to come alive & bring that BA up to at least .300.

Casey got another hit today and was 2 for 6. A few more of those days and the BA will come up, but it needs to get close to .300 pretty quick. With four games this week, if he went something like 10 for 20 in the four games, it would pull him up about 40 points.