Nice props for the good guys from the NCAA


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Off the topic, but what is the song that is being played in the background of that game-winning hit. They play it after every score and I’ve heard it before but can’t think of the name of it.

“We Like to Party” by the Vengaboys


I actually didn’t know the answer, but I knew the song was used for several years in commercials for Six Flags amusement parks, and Googling “Six Flags commercial song” produced the answer instantly. Just had to click one YouTube link to confirm that this one was the song.

Thanks, Swine. Keeps going through my mind.

I just edited the Wikipedia page for that song to link to the SEC Network tweet that the NCAA story used, that we use it for our run-scoring song.

On another topic, what was that annoying Whooping I kept hearing from the fans?

I almost turned off the radio because of it. Incessant and annoying.

The crowd started it when the Auburn pitcher was going through a stretch of wildness.
It seemed to get in his head a bit.
I rather enjoyed it.

I didn’t hear it on the TV, but if it annoyed the AU pitcher, I’m all for it.

LOL . . . that’s exactly the process I used to find out what that song was just a few days ago. And for just the same reason. I heard the song during one of our rallies, remembered it from that old man dancing to the song in the Six Flag commercials 15+ years ago, and looked it up on youtube.


Would have been really difficult, Wiz. Song was recorded in 1998, which unless my math skills have gone the way of Darious Hall’s Razorback career, was 20 years ago.

I know I never listen to the Vengeboys–whoever that is–but I remember the old man and the Six Flags dance. That’s where I’d heard the music before. Love it! Now as I hear it constantly in my mind, I can at least smile knowing where I’d originally heard it. :smiley: