Nice numbers for JD


The 5 assist number makes all the difference in the world. . .all of a sudden he’s seeing the entire floor rather than tunnel vision. Awesome for him and the Razorbacks.

Finding the open man and passing. Plus He’s figured it out pass the ball quicker in the offense and move to find open spaces for a catch n shoot.

This was far and away the best game Notae has played as a Razorback. He gives this team such a lift when he’s playing like he did today. I noticed several times he had as big a smile on his face when passed the ball for an assist as he did after he made a 3. I also noticed several times that we got to see Desi’s great smile that has been missing for a while.

Teamwork - that’s what surely and steadfastly has made this TEAM great at this point in the season. This Razorback team has definitely become “better than the sum of its parts”.

Thanks Coach Muss, staff, and all the players!

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