Nice Little Comeback Win

for the volleyball team tonight on the road at Montana State.

Bobcats played surprisingly well and won the first two sets (25-21 & 28-26). Pigs regrouped and won the last three sets: 25-19, 25-19, & 15-7.

I am guessing that’s a good sign for a team developing, a road win in that fashion.

I was trying out my ESPN3 on that game. Got into it pretty quickly. Good job ladies

Back in my day, Volleyball was a three of five procedure but I see now the final game is not 21 points but 15. Has that been the case for a good while? I wonder if TV had anything to do with the change, or am I not remembering things correctly.

In the old days you couldn’t score points if you weren’t serving and fifth (and most other) sets took forever. So they changed the rules to speed things up. Now you can score when the other team is serving and fifth set is accelerated. There’s not enough TV of volleyball for that to be a consideration.

Thanks, I do not watch enough to realize the defense could score.

To prove I am getting old, I remember when in women’s Basketball some of the players could not cross half court.

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I remember that too. I also remember who filed the lawsuit to get 6 on 6 to change in Arkansas high schools (she was three years behind me at Arkadelphia High). Federal judge threw 6 on 6 out and the AAA had enough good sense not to appeal. By that time only four states were still playing 6 on 6.

I might throw in one more. I remember when the jump shot was brand new. Prior to that the standard shot was a set shot, some with two hands and a player at Stanford I think started the jump shot.

And I remember when dunking was illegal. The old girl’s basketball rules were a crime against humanity.Women got their own cigarette before they were allowed to play real basketball.

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Dunking came back just about the same time 6 on 6 went away. I never will forget pregame at the two Henderson-Ouachita games each year in the early 70s. Dunking was also illegal pregame but the refs had enough sense to stay in their room during the layup lines. Which became a dunkfest with both sides of the gym going nuts. If the refs had come out and called technical fouls on everyone who dunked in pregame there would have been no one left to play the game.

When my daughter played HS volleyball in Texas, the old rules applied. You could only score when you served. But the first attack opportunity would always be to the receiving team. So it could be hard for either team to score (if they were good).

When she played summer club ball they used the “Rally Point” scoring, which is what they all use now.

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