Nice lead so far...really sloppy though

if we could stop turning the ball over and rebound now and then, we would be routing them right now.

My thoughts too. Way to many unforced turnovers.

Yea, I agree it’s been very sloppy, too many unforced turnovers and fouling. The good thing is we are shooting very well, if we clean up some things in second half we should be able to run away with this.

10 turnovers, giving up way too many offensive boards, still up 10. Our passing and movement is very good so far though; 12 assists already. We’re only averaging 15+ assists per entire game.

Yeah, we played well in all phases except for unforced turnovers and blocking out. LSU has 10 offensive rebounds to our 4. The last couple of games, it looks like we are turning out to be a good team, especially if we can cut the TOs down.

Also, I noticed Dustin Thomas hasn’t played yet. He hurt or suspended? Or is CMA just trying something different?

And Manny only played 3 or 4 minutes?

Adrio got his minutes since it was against his home state school and he played well. Made a couple nice passes and active inside.

Getting sloppier by the minute, poor passing,no defense and no coaching by either coach last 4 minutes.

LSU is gassed

Man, we just cant live with success. Gotta add drama to everything.

I think both teams were gassed, and it showed up at the foul line. We missed 9 FTs in the second half, they missed more than that.

Got it done though. Into fifth place now, 15-4/4-3. Let’s go win one at Vandy now.

Vandy scares me. They can shoot the three pretty good and we have a tendency to wander off and leave people open. If we lock in, our 3 point defense is pretty good.

Vandy shoots 39% from 3 to our 37.8%. We only give up 33% despite all the open looks we seem to allow. LSU had to get hot in the second half to get up to 35% from outside.