Nice gym

till it got boring


RD…one of your all time best posts brother!!!

Very nice equipment.

Why do I feel “dirty” for pressing the play button? :slight_smile:

If I posted this at work Human Resources would be filling out my dismissal papers. Nice post though

In all seriousness, she must be a top-notch fitness competitor. She’s amazing.

I think it’s pretty safe to say she doesn’t have a bad back:joy:

That was amazing. My wife says I am a male chauvinist, but I don’t know any guys who can do that.

I was thinking the same.

American Gladiator, here she comes!

I am speechless. Wow!

I pulled a hamstring just watching that.

She has astonishing athletic ability. Can’t imagine being able to do half of those things.

It’s best I keep my thoughts & comments to myself.

I was hoping that file would show all of her routine… very disappointed.

I probably would have been able to keep up with all those exercises fifty eight years ago when I was going through US Army Ranger training. Talk about distant memories.