Nice games from Chaney, Bailey, & Harris

Those 3 really helped the Hogs to a nice 18 point win on a night our shooters couldn’t throw it in the ocean. They really ganged up on Gafford and hammered him all night but wow, did he come through on the FTs!

Chaney’s best game by far this year. Great to see.

You are exactly right there. Chaney showed some power. I think as he gets more time on the floor he will start shining.
Bailey was just steady tonight. Harris had a good game and Gafford showed he can make his FT’s. He went 11 out of 12 I think that’s correct.

Don’t forget Gabe. I’ve never seen a player with 0 points and 2 rebounds have such a positive impact on a game. His defense was mahvelous. He also had two beautiful assists and should have had a third with a better finish.

When Gafford got his fourth foul with 10 minutes left and us up by 9, we were in danger of finding ourselves in battle to the end. UTA was in the bonus and looking incresingly confident taking the ball to the hoop without Gafford on the floor. I was a bit nervous. However, Bailey, Chaney, and Gabe really stepped up on the baseline. That we were able to put the game away with Gafford being an assistant coach was impressive.