Nice column by Wally today

Not saying everything he has written in the past was well reasoned, well written, or factually accurate. But have to give credit where credit is due, his column today was very nice. And I have no agenda. Except for people continually deriding that he’s short. Heck, I’m 5’ 8”” at best (and before COVID played basketball). What’s wrong with that?

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You don’t have to apologize for admitting you read Wally. I have read his column since he was foisted upon us when he came to the Demozette. I have been reading his stuff for 25-30 years. It doesn’t make you a bad person…of course, it doesn’t help.

Heck, I actually look forward to reading his articles on WholeHog Sports since I quit taking the paper after I moved to Fayetteville a couple of years ago. For years I read the comic strip Nancy, also Rex Morgan, M.D. and Mary Worth. There I said it, and I feel better. Coming clean feels good.

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Same here, been reading his articles forever…

Got to have a laugh now and then.

Thanks for the tip, got to start reading Nancy, Rex Morgan, and Mary Worth. As long as none of them is short :grinning:. How were their pre-season predictions on the Razorbacks? Probably as good as most people’s.

I’ll take your word for it…


Same here, Dave.

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