Nice coaching by Mike against Alabama

I was impressed by some of his moves, from going more zone at times, to having many players ready for this game, to his demeanor on the bench motivating his players.

You could tell the players adopted coach’s demeanor and came to play.

I liked how coach was both teaching, and also getting in some grills and motivating.

You don’t always see it on tv and at times in some games the coaches might not be as animated.

But Mike was all game in this one.

When Barford was not playing D very well, it appeared Mike was not having it.

And we looked as if we were not going to rely on hero ball as seemed part tendency second half against KY.

I thought Mike did a nice job getting team ready for this road game.

For that matter, I’m impressed with what he has done with this particular senior class - a class of juco and transfer types as well as more average role type players. Missing a recruiting emphasis area or two perhaps led to this personnel in senior class, and while there is success in this senior class, I’m sure it does not have the talent Mike envisioned. But he has done a great coaching job with the parts he has had to coach up in my view.

But mainly, I loved his coaching demeanor against Bama.

He came to win and his team adopted their coach’s attitude for the game.

I thought Coach Anderson deserved the game ball.

I concur.

I agree that our performance was better than most SEC games. The zone defense looks to be our better defense. I think that trap and press defense is still a weapon we should use selectively. However, we do not have the athletes or the depth to use this defense for 35+ minutes. How well we can utilize both defenses will determine what our record is in post season play.