Nice BJ Mack Article

Reading between the lines, there may be a good reason he planned for Arkansas to be his last visit … committing May 4th

Good job by Hog fans’ social media to show him the love …



I have read we would not be getting him but I sure would love to have him… he is quite the talent.

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This quote kinda points to Muss if you read between the lines:

“Everybody’s calling to tell you how good you are,” (Mack) said, “but some coaches are calling to tell you, ‘We really want you,’ and ‘We really need you,’ and like, here’s how you can come and be an impact player, and that they can see you in their style of play.”

And yes, we have a master’s program in Recreation and Sport Management, which is what he wants to study. The study notes that because Wofford doesn’t have masters degrees at all, he had to transfer.

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Smoke is a school in Alabama.

Nice find. I feel much better about being the last official visit, since he has announced his decision date is a few days past our official visit date. He would be nice “icing on the cake” to a great transfer class.

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BJ Mack would help hugely in taking our Hogs to the final four.

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