Nice baseball gif

"I got it…I got it…I…uh…"

Typifies Ola Ms perfectly.

He’s lucky his little show didn’t cost him an inside the park homer.

Swine, I’m not so sure it was a show. I realize players will try to deke the opposing players if they can, but go back and watch the expression on his face. The Ole Miss guy, I believe, really thought he had it, then when he looks in his glove you can see the surprise that he doesn’t then the disappointment that the ball is on the ground.

I think it was a very effective deke attempt because it was a real reaction thinking he had actually caught it.

I didn’t play a whole lot of baseball way back when, but I think I knew when I’d caught it (which wasn’t often) and when I didn’t. But then I didn’t have one of those huge gloves either, so maybe not.

I’m watching that GIF and I can’t stop laughing!
I just loved the look on his face when he looked in his glove and realized he hadn’t caught the ball🤣

If you slow down the video, the right fielder caught the ball but when the center fielder fell on him, the ball came out. There was no deke involved. I’m glad it happened that way. Woo Pig!!!

“Got it” seems to be a common theme for the Rebs… their 6-8 pitcher said it a lot on the mound. I’ve never wanted more for a Hog to pound it out of the yard and flip a bat high in the air as yesterday against him.

I agree, krazorback…I saw the same thing after about the 3rd or 4th playback during the game.

it appears that the right fielder momentarily had the ball in the pocket of his glove, with the back of the glove on the ground as the ball made contact. He probably felt the tug of the ball meeting leather, but didn’t realize that almost simultaneously, the CF’s glove/body also impacted the ball and knocked it out of his glove. He probably thought that was just the impact of the glove on the ground he was feeling.

So, I understand why he thought he had caught it in the moment. Still makes for a memorable gif for Razorback fans.

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