Nice article on Texan and academics

Nice article on Texan moved by academics. Although most of us are on this Board for our interest in athletics, we really should keep in mind that the U of A is primarily an academic institution. And that even as far as sports are concerned, players come here, or should come here, not just for sports, or for NIL, but for an education. And that the latter has lasting benefits well after sports.

I have seen people in the past say Chancellors are way more interested in academics than sports, like that is a terrible thing. I disagree. Because that should be their priority, But for the sports-obsessed, keep in mind that academics is a lure for recruits too.

Speaking of sports obsession, my son is as sports obsessed as anyone can be. He joined the “Daily Tar Heel” staff at UNC with the goal of being Sports Editor. As a journalist he has sat on the front row of UNC basketball games at Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke, covered the Beijing Olympics, practiced on the pitch at the stadium at Arsenal, interviewed Russell Wilson
(when he was at NC State), Mia Hamm, France’s Thierry Henry, etc. He “saw” in utero Arkansas beat UNC and MJ in Pine Bluff, was with me at the first Arkansas SEC football game ever (at South Carolina), at the Stoerner fumble game, at the OT victory over LSU in Baton Rouge with DMac, Hillis, and Felix, etc. He never did become Sports Editor. But he was practically everything else at UNC’s paper, including Editor. Where he instituted putting sports pretty regularly on the front page, not just in the sports page. But as much as he still craved sports he told me he learned that as much as he liked it that in reality it was probably the least important thing going on on campus.



Agree with your thoughts on academics vs. athletics. It’s not a versus thing. They can be complementary. Michigan is an excellent academic school and still kicks butt on the field/court/rink/whatever. Same with UNC and Stanford, which keeps winning the Directors Cup for a reason.

Even Northwestern has fielded some very competitive football teams, still a bunch of nerds.

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I think he may be referring to the article RD posted about the HS kid that visited. I could be wrong but appears this is what he is talking about.

Yeah I think you’re right. I saw RD’s post later.

Yes, RD’s article is what I was referring to. And yes, I don’t think it’s either athletics or academics, many fine academic institutions have fine sports programs, and many athletes at Arkansas and other places have excelled in academics and used that as a springboard for their lives. Dr. Jim Counce is only one example. The ancient Greeks had it all right, moderation in everything, a sound mind in a sound body, etcetera. Not everyone can be a pro athlete, but anyone can get an education. Not that the rigors/time required of college sports make it easy, but I bet most college athletes learn time management a lot better than I did in college.

Great story on your son and academics as well. I would agree with this quote as their lives are structured and it is a performance based career path. Big time college sports and the military are the two that do the most to teach discipline , teamwork, and overcoming adversity in our society today in my opinion.

True. Btw, George Carlin had a comedy routine about the similarities between sports and the military. He had a litany of sports terms that are also military terms, like throwing the bomb, marching down the field, he’s a real field general, you name it.

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My high school football coach was old school and he referred to line of scrimmage as the trenches. We asked him one time why it was called that and he said it was where the wars were fought and won. So many phases as you say are related. I wonder how much longer that will remain in our society today. Good thoughts.

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Every year when we bring in new players I say and sometimes post that these guys are being given a great opportunity. They are given a chance to EARN a degree or two from The University of Arkansas. That is a big, big deal! Very few will play in the NFL, NBA, MLB or whatever. More power to those that make it. I am happy for them; however, every last one of them can earn that degree or two. That opens so many doors.

I am sure many on the board would agree that that degree (Arkansas or perhaps someplace else) has been extremely instrumental in our lives.


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