Nice article on Pittman's maturation as a Head Coach


Great story, can’t wait to see how all the changes affect our play next year., I’ve been identifying our coach as NE; CSP, meaning “No Excuses”, I’m proud to have him as our coach and wish him and our new staff the best. WPS


I had noticed that todays players often refer to their coaches by their first name or by their initials…never would have occured to me to EVER do that in the late 60’s early 70’s at Helena/West Helena…my 9th grade coach, Coach Koen, was great…but in the 10th grade we got A 5’7" former Marine Corps DI that was completely psychotic…loved to inflict pain and punishment…by the end of the year we were down to about 19 players and we were practicing half a line against half a line he had run off so many players…we could play with most teams the first half but just got wore out the second half…got to admit after graduation I went off to Marine boot camp i was prepared…watching young men crying and making weak attempts at suicide was actually kind of humorous back then…i remember one recruit threatening to jump off a one story building and another a pitiful attempt to cut his wrist…of course the DI, after that, gave us a course on how to properly slash ones wrist…:rofl::rofl::rofl:…if you have ever seen “Full Metal Jacket” thats as accurate as it got back then…a different time for sure now…funny as hell looking back on all that…

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Worth your time!

That’s an interesting take on the situation…

Good read & well worth anyone’s time to understand CSP & his growth in the HC role.

Very insightful piece about Coach and young people in our educational system today.

Great article! Pitt has done a great job learning to be a head coach. Heck, established head coaches have had to learn again to be head coaches, with COVID, NIL, and the portal all confronting them.

As to what players call their coaches, Don Adams of “Get Smart” fame was doing a standup routine years ago, said he was a football player, and quipped “Our coach is incredible. We call him
Mr. Football. Because that’s his name, Leon Football”. My Dad died laughing.

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