Nice article on Benny Baseball

Still dealing with an injured rib, but anxious to get back on the field. Was hitting very well when the injury occurred.

Nice find.

Little things. A bit here, a bit there. So glad he is fixing things, but I wish he had been able to stick to the Sox.

I have seen lots of comments where our hitting was discussed. Seems like there were a lot of the same issues at times this year. I have no idea what a hitting coach sees and how they try to fix problems, but I hope we can modify some approaches next year. Walks and homers are great when they they are happening, but its very frustrating to see they aren’t.

Don’t know how many times I yelled at the TV telling someone we just need a hit, a single, just get on base, bring the guy in from 3rd, etc., and watch someone whiff 3 times trying to hit it to the moon. Aargh.

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I must admit that there were times when I wondered why we didn’t bunt to the 3rd base side. Several times the shift was so extreme that no infielder was on the 3rd base side of 2nd.

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Agree…posted similar comments a few days ago…

I just don’t think we were a good bunting team. I can think of a number of times we tried to bunt on the shift and fouled off the bunt attempt.

Probably 20% success or less.

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