Nice article in NY Post with quotes from Clay … -anderson/

Thanks for the link. Great article. I hope Mike wins 20+ games and goes to the Sweet Sixteen this year. As long as he doesn’t have to beat the Hogs to get there.

All the articles I have read on Mike since he left, have quotes from Clay and no other Arkansas media member. It seems Clay is well connected.

Clay has been a his his whole life! Writing articles is second nature to him and he’s probably one of the most connected people on hog sports. The entire crew that work for whole hog sports is first class.

Great article, thanks for sharing.
Hope Mike continues his string of winning seasons. 1st year or 2 may be tough but I can see him building St Johns into a winning program again with a lot of local under the radar talent to choose from.

Don’t know if I’m well connected. I just have a few friends in the industry. It’s a case of me being old I think.

Not old, but “older and wiser”.