NFL team from LSU and Clemson

If you took the 170 scholarship players from the game last night and picked the best 53 man roster you would have a pretty salty NFL team

The talent on the field last night was something

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Our best player might make water boy for them, but would be close.

Yeah, until we have a significant amount of guys who could play/start on one of those teams, we won’t be very competitive.

Right now I think we have 2 or so guys who could. (I’m thinking Burks and possibly Boyd) But not a single guy on defense.

Burks needs to move to Lb as he would be great. He is fast, but not quick like the guys from LSU and Clemson.

Realistically, there are about 4-5 1st round draft picks just at WR last night. Don’t think Burks would crack the 2 deep at WR on this hypothetical team.

Boyd would be third running back at best.

Love our guys, it’s just a huge talent gap right now

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Talent level was very oblivious last night. Couple comments in that the talent was secured within the last four years and primarily the last 3 plus for both teams. They had talent before but not the depth and quality of that last night, Second , can LSU now reload like Bama has been doing for a long time period. The answer to that one is do they find the qb"s now? QB is most important position on field and Burrow fit like a glove with coaches and players in that system. Burrow is also probably one of the most confident qb’s I have seen play the game. That game and the LSU \ Bama games were the two best games of year in my opinion this year.

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