NFL TD leaders - walk down memory lane

In light of Brees’ record last night, I had fun reminiscing while perusing the list of NFL all-time greats.

Razorback angle: 2 extra credit points if you can find Tarvaris Jackson.

NFL TD list

There’s a Hog in the top 50 for now. Joe Ferguson is in there, considerably above TJack.

Trivia question: Who is the top QB on this list who played for a college that no longer exists? (I don’t mean just dropped football; I mean the school itself folded).

Jeopardy Answer: Who is “Former Seahawk QB Dave Kreig - Milton College”? 261 TD passes

I had no idea he played for 6 different teams!

Phrased in the form of a question! Excellent!

Brees sets two NFL records in one night: TD passes, and completion percentage in a game (96.7%). How many thousands of games played in 100 years of NFL history (I saw a count of 15,000+ after the 2017 season, each year now has 267 games so it’s over 16,000 now), how many thousands of quarterbacks have played in them, and he gets two all-time marks in the same half.

3 former Razorbacks on the list.

Remember though, QB’s at one time did not throw the ball, the Tail back did. Even then, there were few passes from anybody. I fear soon, running backs will no longer exist.

The Ravens are running the ball 37 times a game and throwing it 28. And Lamar Jackson is only getting about 11 of those 37. Running the ball isn’t dead yet.

Yes, I personally like that. But I remember Howard Cossell a vew years ago saying any team that throws over 30 passes a game loses that game. That was pretty true at the time.