NFL pushing out substandard helmets

For 2018, the NFL is not allowing players to wear certain helmet models, while others (like the one Tom Brady and Drew Brees use) are grandfathered in for players who wear them now but no one new can use them. The cut is based on testing conducted at the joint behest of the NFL and the players’ association, to which I referred in a recent thread here about helmets.

The top-of-the-line helmets are the Vicis Zero1 model, made of a flexible polymer and costing $950 a pop (the Vicis website talks about financing options for schools/team that get sticker shock looking at that number).

I’m not sure we’re not going to wind up with no helmets at all eventually, and a complete ban on contacting anyone with the head at any time. But we shall see.

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I would be interested to see a detailed study comparing concussions and head traumas in American football versus Rugby. Here are two things google shows:

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