NFL playoff rules

It’s a complete shame for NE to win the coin toss and drive down and score a TD and KC not get a chance.
I realize that’s their rule but the NCAA rule makes better sense.

One of reasons I am not a big NFL fan and like college came much better! Since NO got cheated by the refs I will be rooting for Ne and former Razorback Trey Flowers plays for the Patriots. Like him or hate him Brady is a winner just like Starr, Staubach, Stabler, Montana before him!

You nailed it! I haven’t watched many NFL games since the knell down junk but playoff time I watch if the kids and grandkids aren’t busy doing something.
I just hate the rules.
The college game is better.
I’ll be hoping NE wins but I was hoping KC would have made it. I never hope a west coast team wins anything.

I like the original rule fine…and that was a field goal wins it…the old Sudden Death.
If you don’t win in regulation…that’s the punishment :sunglasses:

Games fought to a draw should allow each team a chance
with the ball. The NFL overtime rule is absurd, illogical
and unfair. This had to come from some committee and
all the members were drunk. One more reason to not waste
time watching the theatre it has become.

I gave up on the NFL long before the National Anthem deal. I’ve not watched an entire game in years. But I agree on OT. The other question I have is about the head to head shot (not to mention pass interference) in the Saints/Rams game. In college the replay officials can stop play to replay a head to head shot. Do they not do that in the NFL? If not they should.

Those were probably the two best games ever played for the right to go to the Superbowl. It was a great day of football.

There were a lot of bad calls made during both games, but the non-interference call was at a critical time. The Saints had the ball first in overtime, but Brees threw an interception. You have to give the Rams credit. They came back from a 14-0 deficit to whip the Saints…not an easy thing to do in the Superdome with all that noise.

The Saints may have gotten a bad call, but the Chiefs got several hosings. Julian Edleman mishandled a punt which the refs deemed a fumble, yet the officials overturned the call without clear evidence it was not a fumble. The NFL went against the rule, somehow.

These replays are ruining the game. Every play is dissected for one reason or another.

Meanwhile, Bill Bellicek and Tom Brady continue to roll with the greatest dynasty in NFL history.

Two great games with supreme QB’s doing crazy good things. The OT rules are not fair in the NFL and should adopt a hybrid of the college game. It was good seeing Brandon Allen on the Ram’s sideline and a chance to get a SB ring.

Agree 100%. Seems like the NFL has too much pride to admit that. They don’t have to adopt it completely. Given the proficiency of NFL kickers they could take away FG’s in the OT or they could make each team start at the 50. Or they could allow a team to kick a FG but at some sort of minimum yardage.

Or simply add one quarter of regular football (or make it a 20 minute period.) Enough to give each team a reasonable chance to win.

The NFL rule system sucks. They improved it a bit by allowing both teams a possession when the first one only gets a FG, but I don’t understand why they must give the team that wins the toss such a huge advantage. It’s stupid.

It’s a stupid rule for both teams not to get the ball in overtime!it would be like scoring a run in the top of the 10th and everybody going home and the home team not getting their bat to try to win the game…I’ve always thought that was absolutely crazy teams work too hard to get to that point and not have a chance to retaliate… crazy

The OT rule would be changed next year if Brady and Belicheck had been on the losing end without a chance to get the ball.

I believe the OT rule and replay will change next year also the refs that blew that call should be fired. In the SEC they would get a promotion.

The overtime rule is a result of a powerful players’ union that wants to limit actual playing time to the absolute minimum. There was a trade off in the past few years. A first-possession field goal would no longer win in overtime, but overtime periods were trimmed from 15 minutes to 10 minutes in the regular season.

I wasn’t aware of that, but I can appreciate why the union feels that way. Seems to me they can simply eliminate OT’s in regular season games. A tie game isn’t awful. Might force more two-point conversions.

I know the owners are much more concerned about the bottom line than player safety, but they should also eliminate exhibition games & scale back the number of regular season games.