NFL Draft Thursday night

I love to watch this every year. Treylon Burks has lost some support since his poor showing at the combine. We all know how great a player he is, so it should be interesting to see where he goes.

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It hurts Burks that this year’s group is so strong at WR. But I’ve seen him projected anywhere from 16th to 30th, which is a big difference. All it takes is one team who likes his physical game over a Chris Olave (who weighs 189) or a Jameson Williams who is coming off a torn ACL.

The NFL draft is tomorrow night, but I agree I’m very interested in seeing where Burks is drafted!

Sorry about that. I thought today was Thursday.

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Understand completely. The days all run together after a while.

Clay and I know—every day is Saturday!

(For us retirees)

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