NFL Combine invites are announced

Busta Brown, Burks, Cunningham, Ridgeway and Tre Williams are going to the Underwear Olympics in early March.


I am looing forward to seeing what Burks real speed is in the 40. He is somewhat of a conundrum. He
doesn’t look quick, but he ran away from the defenders when he had the ball…

He is one of my favorite Hogs of all the years…hope he has a great NFL career.

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He may have top end speed that keeps expanding like the 100 and 400 meter guys. You may not see it in the 40. Guys don’t close. They are not far off early but he pulls away.

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Takes a few seconds to get that 6-3 frame and 225lbs of power into full stride.
Of course DMac was exception to that rule he was full speed in about 2-3 strides & gone.

I think he will be in the 4.47 range. People have to understand Jerry Rice ran a 4.5 but he could run that fast sideways as he could forward.That’s why he was always working on running his routes precisely, he knew that was his advantage…

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Football players should all run the 40 in full pads, from a standing start. Looks to me that Treyon is “full gear” faster than most D-Backs who’s times are affected by the pads.

They call that football speed.

I wonder how much he’ll actually do at the combine. Some players wait to run and lift at the private sessions they have for teams. Seems to be more common now. That’s my perception from afar at least. I don’t really follow the combine or watch, so I could be wrong.

Considering that Burks may still be recovering from the nagging injuries that plagued him most of the season, my guess is he’ll skip some or all of the workouts and do team interviews and medical exams.

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