NEZ update

Seats are going in on the second level now, about two weeks before when Hunter Yurachek said the outdoor areas would be ready. I could see having that all done in 15 days or less as long as the weather cooperates.

Any links to videos or photos?

Click the RRS construction cam link pinned on the board above.


The weather has not cooperated the last couple of afternoons. We had an intense storm blow through yesterday that had some straight-line winds. It blew over two trees and all of the basketball goals in our neighborhood. Another severe storm is blowing through right now.

Yeah, when I clicked back to the webcam a few minutes ago you could see raindrops on the camera and wet pavement behind the NEZ.

Matt…would love to see another video on the latest work that has been done. Probably out of your hands but the one from a month or so ago was awesome. If I recall, the players enter through an area surrounded by the fans kind of like the Cowboys I believe. Will be a cool set up!


Plenty of stuff here to go through: