NEZ locker room won't be ready this season

Bret Bielema and Scott Varady both confirmed Monday morning earlier reports several weeks old that the game day locker room planned for the North End Zone facility will not be ready for this season. Final plans for that locker room are still in the works and won’t be completed for months.

Bielema, the Arkansas head football coach, said any rumors that say it will be usable this season are wrong.

“We just aren’t going to be able to use anything in the north end zone this season,” Bielema said. “There have never been any plans to use it. It just can’t be ready. We haven’t even finalized plans for it. That will be done later. Some things are still being talked about. So we are still working out what amenities we want.”

Bielema and Varady both visited with media before the Fort Smith Razorback Club golf scramble at Hardscrabble Country Club on Monday morning.

Varady, Executive Director of the Razorback Foundation, said he was in planning meetings as recently as the end of last week.

“Nothing about using the north end zone has come up,” he said. "We know the team won’t be using anything there. They won’t be doing any inside things there yet. That will come much later. Our team will use the visitor’s locker room. The visiting team will use the area the cheerleaders have used in the past.

“The pace of the construction was a little ahead at one time, but the recent rains slowed it down. Even if it was going faster than expected, they won’t do any work that could be used for a locker room this season.”