Next years team

Starting to look like to me we will use the last spot on a high caliber guard who will have to sit a year which is fine. If we do that we basically have last years NIT team + Whitt + Cylla + HOPEFULLY Vanover.

If thats how it works out how do you expect the team to do next year?

I’d say improved with the likelihood of being an NCAA team with Vanover and a borderline NCAA team without him.

2020-2021 really sets up really nice though.

I think next year’s team will compete for a spot in the NCAA tournament. I think Isaiah Moss would have fit very well on the team and given them another outside threat besides Isaiah Joe. From everything I’ve seen from the videos the university has put out I’d expect the team to be better. As far as Vanover goes, who knows. I went to the same high school as him and actually saw his older brother at a wedding I was at this weekend. He says that Connor applied for a waiver, but a lawyer told them their chances weren’t great. He went on to say that it is the NCAA though and anything can happen. So who knows, but right now it’s not likely he’s eligible.

I believe Arkansas will be a borderline NCAA Tournament team, too. Isaiah Joe is going to enter the season with a little bit of NBA Draft buzz, and I’m of the belief Mason Jones is going to make a solid jump. He seems to really be attacking offseason workouts, and considering how he drove the lane at times last season that added strength will be a plus. Also interested to find out if Desi Sills can be pretty consistent night in and night out. He was lights out at the end of last year.

Also think this team could take shape if we see improvements in Gabe, Adrio and Reggie. Efficiency (limiting bad shots) and playing under control (Chaney’s turnovers) is important. If that happens and Jeantal Cylla catches on quickly, which I think he will, then this group, collectively, could be solid. Curious, too, to learn more about Ethan Henderson’s role.

I have a couple of player interview requests in as well in hopes of getting a summer update.

I believe that the odds of Arkansas getting into the NCAA likely depends on what they get out of Chaney, whose departure from the program was obviously greatly exaggerated.

If his game rises to a certain level, I think they will likely get in.

I pretty sure about what everybody else will bring to the table.

I make that comment guessing that Vanover will have to sit out.

Yeah, barring injuries or an unlikely number of worst-case scenarios in development, it looks like the perimeter should find a way to work out into an NCAAT rotation. The question is whether anybody makes a big leap on the frontline, and Chaney looks the most likely.

looks like we will have no inside game whatsoever and will have a hard time on the boards.I am curious to how it effescts us, Chaney has a long way to go to be an inside scorer and don’t see anyone else capble in that area.I think we will be able to shoot the 3 very well but as they say you live by the 3 you die by it…Looking forward to seeing the CEM effect on them however,should be fun.

No inside game whatsoever?

Can’t agree with that.

ok who can we count on to score consistently? I would love to see that just don’t anybody on the roster who’s done it.

I think all our inside guys will benefit in terms of scoring from not having Gafford and his two defenders planted at the rim. Chaney looked pretty solid last year around the basket, but Gafford got most of those touches. He also showed hints of being able to step out, unlike Gafford. It reminds me of how Kingsley looked next to Portis. Remember, it looked like we had zero inside scoring returning after Portis left. Also, in a spread offense Gabe and Bailey will be able to better use their quickness on cuts with less rim protection camped out at the restricted circle. Henderson showed flashed in the NIT of at least being able to run the court effectively. Cylla should make at the very least a few jump shots. The baseline is far from hopeless, if not brimming with obvious power. They aren’t potted plants. They won’t be the same players as last year.

I agree with you that we will have an inside game. I had said before that Mike was grooming Gafford’s replacement in Chaney and he saw Chaney more as a 5 than 4. Chaney will provide that inside game. He is built for it.

I think what Youdman may be referring to is that all March, everyone was saying that Mike must get a couple of bigs if we have any hope of having a post game. Some even threatened to cancel their season tickets. A coaching change was made in April and now just a few care that the new staff has not added any bigs.

So, I can see why there is a perception with some that there will be no inside game,

G’s score more inside than bigs these days it seems. Interested to see which G’s can finish. Sounds like they have gotten stronger, and which bigs can shoot facing up outside.

Shoot the 3 very well, we should get to the rim and FT line a lot. So I’m going with our Dance chances on how well we shoot in general, but especially the 3 and FT’s, and as alway if we play fast.

I would love for some of these to improve enough for us to get consistent output in the paint just haven’t really seen any of them do it much is why I said that but new sheriff in town so maybe he can work some magic.

a different team with different players and a different coach.

I think anybody who says they know what for sure is going to happen is just simply guessing .

based on the evidence produced last yr by the returning inside guys anybody who would assume they are all of a sudden going to change is simply hoping.
Thats why they say the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior and that’s why I say it '“looks” like we will have no inside game never said i knew for sure.