Next years team

Will have to play way over their head, hair on fire, extreme mental make up, even with Gafford back, with out him, it’s going to have to be something really really special unseen since the MayDay freshmen days. It will have to be magical.

I agree.

Will be a lot of growing pains and likely NIT if lucky.

Makes a first round blow out this year even harder to take.

We will have to keep being patient to win two games in a row in NCAA’s again.

How long must it take?

This team may have had low ceiling but Program has a high one - and it doesn’t seem to want to hit it sometimes which just hurts.

Always hopeful for the future I guess.

I just want to see us play with a real chip in shoulder again with no fear and lots of dunks.

Comments: I agree an improvement at all positions and if Garford returns we will be special, and also at four slot.

I am always going to try and be optimistic, and I don’t have to force it for next year. Regardless of whether Daniel comes back, which I feel he should, especially if he is having fun, I can see the potential for a team with less offensive holes and possibly a team that can erase some of these rebounding deficiencies. Starting a six footer who is really not a classic point guard/ distributor along side two other 6-3 guards seems to be surrendering in the battle of the boards.

Bet if we tracked points off of turnovers versus second chance baskets, we might not like what we see. Not sure if Mike more an instinctive coach or a more analytical driven coach, but as is often said, the devil is in the details.

Yep, lots of growing pains, but with the “hyped” talent, I would expect at least the NIT to be a given, and with a little early maturity we could again see the NCAAs. Yep, I remain hopeful for the future (no guessing about it, but certainly a modicum of realism wherein I’ll be delighted if they make it).

I hear we will have better talent than this year’s team. I don’t believe it. I just hope that we can play defense and rebound better. The SEC may be tougher next year and we will have a very inexperienced team. So it maybe a long year for us.

One thing I am looking forward to even though we will be young is, I think will be more of a team. Lotta guys playing, and tempo should be up. Should be a pretty good perimeter team.

By the numbers this season is one of the most baffling I can remember. Only once can I say they lost a heartbreaker. The three point loss to Miss. St. Other than that our next closest game was LSU there by 8. The 12 losses were by an average of 15 points. So when we were bad we were really bad. I’m proud that Macon and Barford put so much effort into the season. It’s just too bad the supporting cast other than Gafford were at best mediocre.

Gafford was manhandled today by an average post player. One more year of strength training will be huge help to him holding his own in the post. Freshman become sophomores and we should be deeper while less experienced. A point guard who runs the team has been a missing link. Not sure who that will be.


Is that all we can look forward to? That tourney shouldn’t even be in their vocabulary.

This is what happens when you get used to, allow, and settle for a mediocre program.

MA was supposed to bring our program to much more than that. He hasn’t.

3 out of 4 years in the tournament is way better than what it was before he got here. We are better in most every facet of the game. Not great but better. Recruiting is better also.

It’s easy to be pessimistic when so many seniors/starters are leaving. On the other hand, fresh, athletic, and enthusiastic players who have the habit of winning (from high school) still fresh in their memories, will make for an exciting game. I believe the non-conference part of the season is where the experience is forged. I haven’t looked at the schedule (does it even exist), but I will once again expect Coach Anderson to produce a winning season. Whether we make it to the NCAA is pure speculation until we get some real data to evaluate. Meanwhile, it’s time to turn attention to the other sports.

Gloom and doom is all I see on this board about a Hogs squad that will again be solid. Hopefully Garland will be healthy next year. He and Darius Hall and the freshman will be just fine. As for point guard, I think many have forgot about Jalen Harris ( who will certainly be in the rotation. Those guards along with with Henderson, Chaney and Phillips who are all long and athletic makes me optimistic. We will not have the same issues with production out of the 4. Offense was stagnant because of our dependence on our senior guards. We might struggle some early but my expectation is the NCAA again. Hog fans, the sky is not falling.

Nothing wrong with NIT next year when you have a huge turnover in the roster. Other than few elite programs, few programs go to NCAAT every year. And we are not elite anymore.

Going to NCAAT 3 out of 4 years (and should have been 4 out of 4) is definitely not mediocre. If Arkansas is a mediocre, SEC has 13 mediocre programs.

Yes we want more from the program, but you can’t call this a mediocre program. It was edging on the mediocrity four years ago. But now? Come on man!