Next years team question for insiders?

So with the draft over it does look like Shaddy and Bonfield will return? Anyway Shaddy moves to 3rd again? Jaxon Williams looks like he is ready to play at 2nd.
Looks like with Turney, Evan Lee, Fletcher, and Cole the OF will be crowded. Very interested to see what you think of the team going forward, and who may stay or go?

It’s really too early to say who is going to be where, because we don’t know who exactly is going to be back. I’m not comfortable enough making predictions about who will transfer and end up at junior college, but I know there are going to be some players from this year’s team and probably the signing class who are somewhere else next year. There just isn’t room for all of them.

I don’t think Shaddy will be a third baseman again if he is back. He says on Twitter he’ll return.

I’m not sold on Jaxon Williams being the answer at second base. This was Dave Van Horn’s answer when he was asked about Williams last week.

"I don’t know. He’s got a ways to go. I think that we have three freshmen coming in that have a really good opportunity to get that. I think Matt Burch has an opportunity. Matt Burch can really run, he can throw and he can hit, even though the numbers don’t show it.

“I thought last fall Burch would play a lot. We all did, because he hit really well. He’s got to get better defensively, and we had that talk. I think if he hits, you might have a left-handed bat, you might have a right-handed bat. We’ve got a switch-hitting infielder coming in, a right-handed hitting infielder and a left-handed hitting infielder coming in. So there’s gong to be some options.”

Thanks Matt.

Hey Matt, I know it’s hard to say until we get through the fall, but I’m really curious about Evan Lee.

Is he a potential full time pitcher and/or DH? Could he play first base? Or, is he a natural outfielder? DVH’s comments that he probably should have played him more this year make me feel like he could be a big contributor next season. I’m just wondering where that might be. I love the idea of having a position player that can also pitch a la Brett Eibner.

Sorry to bombard you with questions. It’s difficult to get much baseball analysis from anyone else. As always, thanks for the time you spend here!

I think Lee is going to be a combo pitcher/outfielder next season, who could also be a DH or pinch-hitter on days when he doesn’t start in the field. Van Horn told me last fall that Lee was the best two-way player to come through Arkansas since Eibner. He complimented him throughout the season with (paraphrased) comments like, “I wanted to win so that’s why I brought in Evan Lee. He’s a winner.” Lee almost always produced when he got an opportunity this year.

Thanks, Matt. He really did produce and did so in clutch situations.

This roster has potential to be the deepest I can remember. Especially if our current pitchers keep progressing under Johnson and a few newcomers are ready to help out by conference season.

Can’t wait to hear DVH’s thoughts after the draft.

I always liked when Lee came into a game. He competes, whether it is batting, pitching or running bases. He gives it his best.

Lee’s father was (or might still be) an MLB scout and his high school coach is one of the best ever in Arkansas. I think you see that background in the way he competes.