Next year's schedule

We make a return trip to USC, I believe. Do we also play on the road at Texas Tech and Texas?

Do we know yet if we are in any regular-season tournaments?

Just wondering if the coaches are going to continue to put together a very challenging schedule like this year, or if they’ll try to back it off a bit.

I hope they continue playing a tough schedule that will help your team!

The games that I have heard about for next year are at Southern Cal for a weekend in February and at Texas for a midweek in March, and home games (assume midweek, but not sure) against Louisiana Tech and Oral Roberts. I would assume there is at least one game at Missouri State, but don’t know that for sure.

Arkansas should get Missouri and Tennessee at home from the SEC East, and play at Vanderbilt and South Carolina, based on the out-of-division rotation.

Our SEC schedule is easier for us next year, IMO. We have LSU, MSU, OM at home. We play AU & TAMU on the road.

It’s hard to imagine we will sweep as many teams next year, but I doubt we’ll lose every road series, either. Of course, none of us know a whole lot about how well any of next year’s teams will play. No one saw Auburn coming on like they did this year.

Vanderbilt will be loaded next yr.they are bringing in one of the best recruiting classes ever to go with a lot of FR playing this yr.

Agree, Vanderbilt should be very good next year.

Vanderbilt, indeed, signed its second No. 1 class in three years according to Baseball America, but signing them and getting them to campus are two different things. It’ll be interesting to see if they can keep the class together.