Next year's roster

Now that the roster seems somewhat set (pending Joe decision), a few things jump out to me. First, we will have 13 active players, so figuring out minutes will be a challenge. Another is how much longer we are going to be across the board. Last is how many shooters we are going to have on the floor at any given time.

Guards: Joe, Notae, Desi, KK, Davis, Tate
Wings: Moody, Jackson
Bigs: Vanover, Chaney, Henderson, Iyiola, Williams

That’s 5 guys listed as 6-9 or taller (Jackson, Vanover, Henderson, Iyiola, Williams)

and 8 guys who are at good-great 3 point shooters (Joe, Notae, Desi (+/-), KK, Moody, Jackson, Vanover, Williams)

Defense may take longer to evolve but just our length will help quite a bit on the glass and on D.

Should be a really fun year next year.


Just for fun MD lets pick a starting 5.


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It’s going to be very investing to see how minutes are split. That’s a lot of people to “keep happy”. Muss has been so open and honest and opinionated about his distribution of minutes philosophy. But this roster seems to be the opposite of what he has described as his ideal situation with redshirts and sit-out transfers not getting actual game playing time.

I’ve been thinking that too. He has said on multiple occasions that his time at LSU influenced him to not have 13 eligible players as couldn’t keep everyone happy. Liked to have at least a couple of transfers sitting out.

So either he’s changed his opinion or maybe the moves aren’t finished. Maybe he thinks we’ll still lose someone (Joe or another transfer). Very interesting situation. Sure hope it’s not Isaiah.

What jumps out at me is 9 newcomers on the roster. And only 2 returnees that played a lot. Of the nine newcomers, only one (Vanover) has P5 experience. You never know what mid-major transfers will do.

We had the 4th youngest team in the nation in 2018-19. Then during Muss’s first year in 2019-20, we had perhaps the most SEC experienced team in the conference with 7 returnees, 2 grad transfers and not a single freshman. Now we will have the least P5 experienced team in 2020-21.

At Nevada, Muss built his team through transfers and not high school freshmen. Next year, he will have a mix of transfers and freshmen. It will be interesting to watch how Muss navigates this. Can’t wait for next season.

Really hard to guess a starting 5 or even a top 8.

Impossible to predict how the incoming freshman will perform and how Muss will weigh experience vs. talent. Conor is not going to be able to play more than 20 minutes /game I would bet just due to how hard it is for a guy that tall to get up and down the floor over and over again. I wonder if we could see Chaney step up his game as a rebounder/defender.

Of the freshman, KK and Moses will have had the advantage of playing against D1 talent all the time at prep school–suspect Davis and Williams will take longer but who knows.

I’ll take a shot - even though I think starting line ups are highly over-rated and it is about minutes played and not getting your name called first. I put positions, but I also think there will be plenty of position-less basketball

PG Mason Jones 6-5 (until he is definitely gone)
SG Isaiah Joe 6-5
SF Moses Moody 6-6
PF Vance Jackson 6-9 or Jaylin Williams 6-10
C Connor Vanover 7-3

PG - KK Robinson, Devontae Davis
SG - Desi Sills, JD Notae
SF - Jalen Tate
PF - Jaylin Williams or Connor Vanover, Reggie Chaney,
C - Ethan Henderson, Bae Bae

If Jones did come back, somebody has to go obviously

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Top 9 is a good way to do this. Because that is where all the minutes will go. Minutes of other 4 will be subject to foul trouble, injuries and prolonged poor play from the first 9.

I agree there will be position less basketball as Dudley says. So Top 9 in alphabetical order to begin the season


Waiting for playing time


This is a very intelligent way to frame this discussion.

pj, just for fun, pretend Jones were to return. Who would drop from your “first nine”, and who would NOT be on scholarship?

I see Robinson and Davis getting significant playing time

Let me rephrase that - Coach Musselman has told me sees all four of the freshman playing significant time.

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Which two from pj’s “first 9” would you replace with these two?

Something tells me KK especially will see significant PT. That said, I can’t really see who to remove from PJ’s 9.

Notae is a bit of a wild card to me. Not sure what we are going to get there just based on the practice reports

I remember Muss saying that.

When I say Top 9, I mean they get 15 plus minutes. Others may get a 3 to 4 minutes in the first half. Is that what you are thinking?

Let’s go tall yall. PG Davis. SG Tate. SF Jackson. PF Williams. C Vanover. That’s 6’4 6’6 6’9 6’10 and 7’3 if you’re keeping score at home.

Again, it’s not my thoughts, it’s CEM’s.

I know it is fun to speculate, but there are just so many variables.

I think Jaylin Williams plays more than any other front court guy because of his skill level.

I don’t think he would be bringing in the two grad transfers in unless he was planing on them playing significant minutes - and did so after taking a deep dive into how they would fit.

Cylla turned out to be a reach, but it was dealing with the deck he had in his hands and not projecting forward.

So I would likely go Jones, Joe, Sills, Moody, Notae, Vanover, Williams, Robinson, Davis, Jackson and Tate get significant minutes - significant being the coach’s term and not mine so I won’t put a minute number on them.

That’s 11 with Jones and 10 without him.

My “guess” is Chaney, Henderson and Bae Bae are left fighting for minutes unless the first two get more consistent.

I would also be surprised if all 14 of those dudes were on roster, obviously one of them can’t be for sure.

I don’t have a name for you, but it just seems to work that way - somebody leaves, somebody gets suspended, somebody gets hurt.

Took a look at minutes played from last season.

For what it is worth, 7 people played over 14.6 minutes per game this season.

The only scholarship ones who did not - Ethan Henderson and Jental Cylla.

Six played over 24 minutes and four over 31.2 minutes.

My guess is there there will not be four playing over 30 minutes a game this season, but more playing over 20 and more playing over 15.

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While it’s easy to guess about playing time we should all remain hopeful! There’s enough depth and talent to compete! We should be able to rebound and defend the paint a lot better than last season!
The only name on a Jersey that matters is “Arkansas Razorbacks”. If each player buys into being a teammate and plays for each other and together we will ha e a good team! I wouldn’t count our Reggie Chaney or any other player.
I’m hoping competition in practice makes every player better and they battle for playing time. It would be nice to see next season end and 10 players average 10 minutes a game.
Cyllia turned out to be a bust as a grad transfer but I’m hoping these 2 coming in can be more productive.

Said another way:

Locks to start:
Jones (in case he returns)

Probable starters:

Possible starters & probably 15-25 minutes:

Probably off the bench with 8-14 minutes

Totally unknown???

That’s 10 players with at least the possibility of some starts with Jones, and 9 without Jones.

That leaves 4 players who “probably” will come off the bench with unknown minutes if they are here at the start of the season. The only reason I don’t have Chaney in the unknown group is that he’s displayed the talent, on occasions, to earn 15-20 minutes, if that “damn” light will just come on.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about an upcoming season. Also, unfortunately it’s the most trepidation I’ve ever had that an upcoming season will actually even happen.

Harley, with the minute distribution you have stated, you are planning on a lot of double overtime games and some triple overtime. LOL.

I think unless we are winning most games by double digits, it will be difficult to play more than 9 players more than 5 minutes per games. When the conference play starts, games get tight, minutes shrink for more than 7. Unless injuries hit. For example, Henderson got big minutes because of Isaiah got hurt and the top 6 got in foul trouble. Without Isaiah injury, I doubt if Henderson would have seen the floor much.

You know even Nolan and Mike shrunk it to a rotation of 9 when game got tight.

Not really. I think Mason coming back is a pipe dream and if he does, obviously 8 of the 9 double digit minute players will all be reduced and 2 will probably lose their double digit minutes. Also, I don’t see anyone on the team this season averaging over 30 minutes a game. I also agree there won’t be more than 9 with double digit minutes. Without Jones, I would see the distribution as follows:

Joe - 30
Tate - 25
Moody - 25

Williams - 20
Jackson - 20
Desi - 20
Connor - 15
KK - 15
Davis - 15

Notae - 7
Chaney - 8

Totally unknown???

I believe that’s 200 minutes.

Obviously, with as many new players as we will have, there will be a couple that will achieve less than I expect and a couple that will achieve more than I expect. I also think that, other than Joe, the 8 remaining names with double digit minutes are all interchangeable depending on how they actually perform once they get here. It’s also possible Notae will surprise me and supplant one of those guards in my nine.

And, I do agree there probably won’t be more than 9 players that will average double digit minutes.

Oh, and I also expect if I look up this thread next March, I will probably shake my head and wonder how I could have been so wrong.