Next year's QB

As I listen to the pregame, I am thinking about next year. Hoping for a win today! But thinking about next year. I don’t know who the next coach will be. I know who I don’t want it to be (Leach). But I have no idea who it WILL be. Many have speculated our offense next year will require a more athletic QB…and have asked can Cole Kelly be that guy. Question: why does everyone just assume Cole will be #1 next year? Yes, he beat out Ty for the #2 job. And he played fairly well this year. But there is this guy on campus, also a 4 star for the stargazers, and is MUCH more mobile than Cole…if mobility is something that will be needed:

I believe I read that we looked really good as the scout team QB. I would think Daulton would at least be in the conversation.