Next year's QB. Who compares out there in past HUNH offenses?

I know that they only used a quarter of their offense in the Spring Game and Ty & Cole are works in progress and should play much better in the fall. I also know that Morris & Craddock will tailor the offense to fit the QB’s skills. We definitely do not have a Deshaun Watson, but what are “what we have” equivalent to? Kansas State had a big old guy who was a better runner than Kelley but not as powerful of an arm. Is he and his offense what we might expect out of Kelley? Ty is no Cam Newton, but is he more Sean White than Jarrett Stidham? Just trying to imagine comparables out there that we might hope to match. Is Ben Hicks, last year’s SMU quarterback, about the best we can hope for? He only ran for 47 yards but passed for 3,569 and ranked 9th nationally in passing TD’s. Do we have a passer that can match him?

I am not sure we have a QB that can complete a 4th and 26 in overtime to get the winning field goal like Hicks did here:

Are there any defenses in SMU’s league? The numbers are going to be difficult to compare.

UCF did beat Auburn in the Peach Bowl…

SMU gained 489 yards against UCF, passing for 283 and running for 206.

Auburn gained 421 against UCF, throwing for 331 and running for only 90.

I am looking for a style and talent level of QB play, elsewhere in past HUNH offenses, that we might expect to match with ours next year. The big KSU QB whose name I can’t remember was more of a Scott Bull type QB. Not pretty but competent. They didn’t do the hurry up but they were in the shotgun mostly. Morris showed at SMU that you don’t have to have a great runner, but will our QB’s be as good of a passer as Hicks? Right now, I sense that Storey will run a little better but Kelley may pass better particularly deep. Neither showed great passing ability in the Spring game and that has nothing to do with the vanilla offense.

Hicks had great receivers to throw to and when I say great, I mean at least one NFL type target. Will Morris have a guy like that this year for his QBs? I doubt it. He will have some talented tight ends to feature.

I know Morris and his staff would not do this publicly but is it possible for you to compare Morris’ former squad to his team next year? You are saying he is stepping down in quality at wide receiver. I assume he is stepping up at tight end and running back. It sounds like he is inheriting much lower quality QB’s for his system than he had at SMU. How about the offensive line, defense, special teams, etc.? Would SMU last year have beaten Arkansas or done any better in the SEC West than Arkansas did? When I look for Arkansas players that SMU probably did not have equals for last year, I think Agim, Pulley, several tight ends, Froholdte, several running backs, and maybe our two linebackers are upgrades for this staff. Besides the QB’s and receivers, which positions are Morris and his staff trying to make do with less talent than they had at SMU?

He’s certainly down grading in WRs.

Courtland Sutton and Trey Quinn were as good of a duo as you could find in college football.

I doubt seriously that Chad publicly compare his QBs between Arkansas and SMU. I’d say one thing to consider is that Rafe Peavey couldn’t play at either place, but Austin Allen – the guy who put Rafe on the bench at UA – is no longer here.

is that both teams played TCU.

We were in the game late, only because TCU kept shooting themselves in the foot. our offense did not exist that game.

SMU scored a lot on TCU, very competitive game for over a half. really kept tcu off balance for a while with a creative and unpredictable offense.

My opinion is that if CMM had been our coach last year, we would have beaten TCU. and I think we’ll be better this year than most think.


I wonder if SMU had our schedule last year what their record would have been? Who would they beat that we didn’t? Who would they have not beat that we did?

I think SMU might have beaten A&M and Mizzou and got to 6-6 and a bowl with our schedule. They might not have beaten Ole Miss which would put them at 5-8. They probably would have defeated Ole Miss and lost to A&M which, again, is 6-6. I think the TCU game does show they were our equal if not better. JMVHO

To be honest, I don’t compare those two games that much. I don’t give them equal weight. For starters, I think TCU had the Arkansas game circled. They put a lot into it. In fact, they said they did. Arkansas beat them at TCU the year before in a game they were mad to let slip away. They wanted that one badly. I am guessing that the Horned Frogs thought they would beat SMU and were surprised they were behind early. Every week is different. Every matchup is different. Things change. Mental edge changes. So the premise that you compare those two results doesn’t hold up to me in an apples to apples comparison. I understand what you did and that’s fine to do. But I don’t see it quite the same as you do.

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