Next year's potential roster

This assumes everyone but Notae who can return does return (I realize that this is very unlikely but I don’t want to speculate). I also assumed AB was coming. Will be a very interesting roster given the huge number of players all about the same size (6-5 to 6-7)

KK 6-2
Davis 6-3
Smith 6-5
Moore 6-5
Ford 6-5
Dunning 6-6
Robinson 6-6
Toney 6-6
Black 6-7
Pinion 6-6
Walsh 6-7
K Johnson 6-7
Williams 6-10
Vanover 7-2

That’s 14 on scholarship, which you can’t have.

So somebody has to leave. We’ve discussed the possibilities before. It could also be someone we don’t expect, a la Desi.

That is the one thing that concerns me is we are not getting the big athletic guys that can protect the rim and score inside and all of the elite teams this yr have several 6’10-7’3 guys on their team.I think we will have to add that to win the NC,just very tough for 6’6 athletic guy to go up against a 6’10 athletic guy but Muss hasn’t called me so this is JMO but I hope we start to get them.


My sentiments exactly

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Agree that our lack of size has really shown up in some games (eg, Auburn where we got destroyed on the glass).

We need another backup big who can play since it seems like Connor is not going to be that


This may really reflect Muss’ positionless basketball. Beating size with athleticism, maybe?

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I think the one thing this type roster does do is it allows 6’'6-6’7 guys to be able to guard the 6’1 '6’2 guy and that presents serious problems for the G to be able to shoot/pass over so I definitley see both sides of it. I’m sure Muss would like to add the big rim protector to the arsenal but so far hasn’t been able to

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There will be some transfers out! That’s my thought. How many who knows but at least 1 or 2!

I’m not a basketball coach, but I’ve seen teams succeed with a defense that funnels people in toward a shot blocker (I think that’s basically what Auburn does with Kessler). If Muss were so inclined, he could use that to get some value out of Vanover. CV can’t handle the pick and roll, but he can block shots. Just a thought…

If we add anyone else who can rebound as well as Jaylin we will compete with anyone. I just don’t know if anyone 6’7 or 6’8 can. Charles Barkley? So it’s possible but it is fair to say jaylins size definitely helps him dominate the boards and whenever he is in foul trouble our team struggles a lot.

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Yeah I kind of thought we might see CV in like a one-man zone type thing but right now it’s not broke so no need to try to fix it. That type of Defense makes it almost impossible to score around the goal as we have already seen against the bigger teams that’s why Toney is having such a hard time 6’6 against 6’11 tough to score over that

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Barkley is more like 6-4. He was listed as 6-6 but that was generous.

And Dennis Rodman is 6’7. I just think we need a dominate rebounder. I’m optimistic Jaylin and Walsh can handle defensive responsibilities with help from the team. We will see how Jaylin looks vs Kentucky, their big man has been my biggest concern all year.

I’d say we have a dominant rebounder. JWill is second in the league in rebounds – ahead of Kessler and Castleton and Kobe Brown at Misery – and 23rd in the country.


Everyone wants that 6-11 guy that dominates the boards (a second J-Will) but sorta’ scarce. We have been out rebounded twice in the last six weeks (Aubbie-big and TN-by 2) but both were wins. Hogs are now winning without two things: a second true center/PF and a 35% plus three point game. You would think next year’s team should shoot considerably better (very scary to the SEC) and Muss will find another big in the portal sooner or later.


I don’t doubt Muss will find another big, but will he have one for 2023? TBD. Although if the Ware rumors are true he’d probably find a place for him

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What J Will does by taking charges is better than blocking shots. It’s a guaranteed turnover and foul on the other team.


It’s what we ran into pre-Natty days with CNR, then he brought in Tank Robinson and Lee Wilson!

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Man it would be great to add a couple of big guys like those two with this team.

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Definitely. We just need him to stay out of foul trouble every game. Hard to count on that for 6 games in a row in March madness. we might be just fine with Walsh added next year. Would be great to get one more like black.