Next Year's LB's

This worries me. We lose a great one in Greenlaw and possibly another good one in Scoota Harris. We have one LB(Zach Zimos) committed. The purge is likely to include several who have contributed virtually nothing during their time here. We return Bumper Pool who I believe is going to be great, and a couple of gritty former walk ons who give great effort but are not really SEC caliber talents. So what will our LB rotation look like?

Typically, we are playing a 4-2-5 against the spread teams, so what you need are four or five true LBs, with hybrid guys playing SS/OLB slots depending on the situation/opponent.

I think Harris is a better LB than Greenlaw, he makes fewer mistakes. Hard to believe that Harris would declare for draft, though, as ILBs not playing for Bama rarely come out early.
Andrew Parker was hurt this year, and if he gets healthy he will be one to watch in the spring. Not sure who else would be there for the fourth/fifth spot, probably be new guys.

McClure, Henry and Morgan have been in those hybrid spots, and I don’t think they were real impressive most of the time. Again, some of the newbies are going to have a chance to play.

yes very concerned about them too,we have recruited very well on defense but not mnay LB’s I really think Scoota will stay just don’t think he wants to go out the way this yr went. Dee Walker to me is a guy I have never understood why he didn’t see more time. Chavis has always raved about his speed which is really good! I noticed him making 3-4 tackles in the short time he was in Sat.I love all parts of the Defense we are building but LB,need more studs to come in…

Dee Walker is the one I hear Chavis talked the most about. He has SEC speed and that’s been the problem with some of the other recruits in recent classes, not enough speed. I expect Bumper Pool to continue to develop. I also think there is a lot of promise with Andrew Parker. He’s done well in the weight room to change his body.

Been talking about much needed LB talent & depth for 3+ years. Still struggling to have enough.

I’m a big fan of Parker’s.