Next years hoops

It is widely assumed that even with having a lot of weapons on the team Coach will not likely expand his rotation very much, but can you imagine the scrimmages this team might have? One might think that the caliber of competition in practices would have a great influence on the ultimate product on the floor. I guess it is obvious that I am eagerly looking to the upcoming seasons, both on the gridiron and the hardwood.


Agree about a deeper roster making practices better. Allows for individuals to improve daily as they compete with similarly skilled teammates. It’s what you’ve seen recently with the McDonalds AA practices.

As for the rotation, I thinks it’s more than an assumption that Coach Muss will play 6-7 heavy minutes from January through March. From November through January, he will figure out the rotation. By January, the heavy minutes guys will emerge. That’s pretty much also the way of most top programs.

Duke, North Carolina, and UCLA have rotations of 5-6. Arkansas, Houston, Texas Tech and Villanova rotate 6-7. Arizona and Michigan, 7-8. Many of these programs have very highly rated players averaging less than 10 minutes/game. Many of them probably also have highly competitive practices.

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