Next year

What’s this team going to look like?

I assume we will have a drastic drop off, we lose a lot.

Our pitching looks like it will be young with the rest of the team.

Martin to Short? Think he’s too athletic to put in 2nd.

DVH has already said Martin will play second.

Suspect Kenley will play short

Startering pitchers Campbell (assuming he comes back), Ramage, and maybe Bonin, maybe Conner Noland?

LF Kjerstad (or maybe he can play 1B?
CF Fletcher
RF Turney?

We need to upgrade at 1st, maybe if we can get a solid outfielder HK would be a good option.

I hate this year ended this way. Really thought we’d get it all this year, and as we know it’s about a once in a lifetime thing for the hogs. Probably won’t see it again but I can hope so.

I hope we are good in 2 years when Martin and HK are Juniors.