Next Year

NBA draft projections don’t support fans thinking that Joe is working himself out of the draft. Odds are more in favor of Joe getting drafted in late first to mid-second round than Mason.

See Clay’s post. They were not there to see Joe. They knew he would not be playing.

I believe Joe will be back next year. Any medical procedure involving the knee always gives NBA teams pause. Joe is not a first round draft pick let alone a lottery pick. He’s not ready.

It was a minor scope. He will play again this year. I also figure Joe comes back, but I’m not sure.

As much as no one wants it to happen, Joe and Jones will put their name in to the NBA and will get to find out their worth. And NBA teams may want to see him at the combine or in some workouts.

Scouts were set to attend that game well before they knew if he had surgery. The MRI was Monday. Surgery was Tuesday.

Joe and Jones should enter the draft and get feedback. Then they can make the decision that is right for them! Just don’t hire an agent! I hope they come back but there’s no guarantee!

If Jones and/or Joe get 1st round evaluations, it would be hard to turn down that much guaranteed money.

Jones is playing at such a high level that it would be hard for him to make another big jump. His game is well rounded and he has thrived under Muss.

Joe’s game and body need another year under Muss. He needs to improve his handle and his ability to drive to the basket. He needs to get bigger and stronger. 1 more year with Muss and he will likely be a lottery pick.

They both have Muss to lay out the pros and cons of entering the NBA. He knows that It is a huge difference between the NBA and the SEC and what skills a player must have to be a success at that level.

I think - at this point and talking to people around them - that both Jones and Joe will both test the NBA waters.

BUT BOTH will end up coming back after getting the info the NBA offers on how they need to improve their games.

Mason is clear that he can get better at every facet of his game, doesn’t want to sell himself short and had a big brother that gives her great advice.

Both have great support systems that are in no hurry.

One other thing - both have talked about doing something special at Arkansas, which could happen next season.

So with all that…

  1. Mason Jones
  2. Isaiah Joe
  3. Moses Moody or Jaylin Williams, as I think from talking to those who should know - that he is going to get a lot of run next season

Hope that you are right -Dudley. Next year could be special.

Will be fun.

I stopped paying attention to such statements after Portis’s declaration of wanting to have his name in the rafters and wanting to do what Corliss did at Arkansas.

I tend to take what Dudley, Richard and Clay post pretty much what they feel from talking to folks with the inside info!
It is already fun to watch our hogs. What makes next year so great is DEPTH! We won’t have to see our players play 40 minutes a game!
Just a few minutes to rest! If they could get 4 or 5 minutes a half rest you could easily be able to see a turnaround in several of these games we lost this year. It would also improve the shooting late in games! Tired legs affect the shot.


Mason, Joe, Sills

Mason was removed early in both halves Tuesday with the idea of resting him until after the first media timeout. In both cases someone blew a defensive assignment and Mason was back in before the media timeout. In the first half it took all of eight seconds.

If they’re back.

If not?

if not:


What is the date for the late signing period ?

April 15th

Jones, Joe, Moody with sporadic greatness from Sills, Williams