Next Year

Predict next year. Who will be the team’s top scorers. Give me top 3.

Take Mason Jones out of the exercise because I think he goes pro. I think Isaiah Joe comes back.

So I start with Joe. No brainer. Then I go with Desi Sills. Then Moses Moody. No. I changed my mind. It’s Joe, Connor Vanover, then Moody. No, it’s Moody, Joe and Sills.

Ok. I’m confused. Help an old guy. Give me your three!

I’ll play…

  1. Joe
  2. Moody
  3. Vanover

And I agree Mason is gone. He’s earned that big time.

Could be 4-5 guys all tied for third.

In losing, Whitt, Jones, Adrio, he is losing tons of energy and great effort. They are the effort overflowers to the rest of this team.

Desi will be a big part of the effort distribution next season. We have to have the effort of this team transferring to the new roster. It’s the single most amazing thing I have seen, and most important thing this team has that Muss be apart of next seasons team.

It’s incredible. Yeah they still miss keys shots at times, make dumb mistakes, Miss some FT’s, and those things have cost them, but the overwhelming confidence and just amazing effort has them in every game.
I love it.

The system of playing hard defense is obvious. I would bet that culture carries over. It did not happen by accident. Dude can coach defense.

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As I said before Jones will go pro. I think we will be without Joe too.

My top three are Moody, Desi and Williams

I am not sure how Muss is going to play Vanover 20 plus minutes and still play man defense. Until I see that, can’t put Vanover in top 3. He again said yesterday that they don’t even practice zone and he doesn’t like multiple defenses. Reflection of having grown up in NBA.

I think losing Joe, Jones and Whitt will be like starting all over next year. Worry.

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With Joe:
Joe, Moody, Desi

Without Joe:
Moody, KK, and Desi

Continuing with guard dominated scoring, but no longer dominated on the boards with Chaney, Williams and Vanover.

Are you guys thinking Mason leaves and is drafted by the NBA? I believed he was our best player and has been all year. He has certainly proven that. So, do you all think both Joe and Jones will leave and be drafted by the NBA? I don’t see Joe being drafted after his play this year. Of course, I am no NBA scout, but he has not developed like many of us thought he would this year.

I think both may be back, unless Mason’s draft stock has soared. I do hope Mason gets drafted because he is such an outstanding player who has determination and competitiveness like is seldom seen.

No doubt, Devo will be in the mix as a starter. He’s magic playing the point…

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Joe was having a great year until he hurt his knee. He is still on NBA draft projections. Injury can work two ways. It could lower his draft status. If it doesn’t, injury can scare him to go with the draft and not risking another injury next year and falling off the draft map.

I think Jones lands in NBA proper or G League. His game is such right now, don’t think he can improve his draft status anymore. He could risk it by staying. Don’t think he will have better numbers next year with new talent coming in. Before what Qualls did, I would have thought Jones would be back. But I suspect he goes thru the same thought process as Qualls.

Jones is one of those players that aren’t real quick, not an explosive jumper, is undersized for NBA wing. All he does is what the team needs. Need a bucket? Done. Need a steal. I can do that. Need a rebound? I can do that. Lead the team and fire them up. Yep. I can.

He has truly been our best player this year. He won’t wow the scouts with his combine results. I think that he can play in the NBA, but will he get drafted? Who knows.

I am going to enjoy his play this year. If he can go to the NBA, I hope he has a long successful career. If he comes back, we will contend for the SEC championship and be a major factor in March Madness.

Scoring. Jones

On Mason, if he keeps scoring 30 a night against the attention he’s getting, there are going to be lots of NBA team wanting him. He is powerful and strong in his drives. He plays through contact. He was fighting through contact on his drives and the hits were not knocking him off line. Some of the time if he’d gotten a little knocked off line, there would have been more fouls. That happened on the one where he finally just thudded into a defender and stopped. He’d been fouled four times coming up the court but they weren’t called because he never wobbled. He plays under control and strong. He is playing like a man in a man’s athletic league.

Plus NBA must be noticing that Mason wants the ball when the game is on the line like a Kobe Bryant. In NBA it comes down to a player playing hero ball in the last couple of minutes and Mason is doing just that for Arkansas.

At times he looks like Janes Harden with that step back three at top and driving the lane and scoring or getting fouled.

I have not watched every team this year, but Myles Powell of Seton Hall is another one that is doing what Mason is.

Qualls’ thought process was that he had a kid and needed to start providing for said kid. Does Mason have a kid? Maybe he does.

Not that I know of. Qualls had a kid, but my thinking is he didn’t think that by staying an extra year, he would improve his earning potential to support his kid.

Quails needed another year! Jones may not be able to improve his draft stock. If he leaves I would list the leading scorers

There will be depth and options and no reason to watch what we saw last night next season. Tired legs and no offense late!

If Mason is indeed gone… I would go with these three leading us in scoring.

I’m afraid we may need to prepare ourselves for losing both Mase and Zay. I hope not. I hope they both come back. But they may both leave, a la Corliss/Scotty and Portis/Qualls.

Assuming Joe actually does come back…


This thing about Mason and the NBA I find to be funny. First it was that Joe was going to go in the 1st round based on potential and Mason might have a shot at playing overseas or maybe in the G league. Now I don’t see much about Joe except that he will probably be back but Mason is likely to go to the NBA…My how things change in such a short time…I have always thought that both would be back but must say that Mason is probably playing himself into a contract and Joe is playing himself out unless he has a huge turnaround. If both are back, the incoming 4 are as good as we think and any of the three bigs fill that hole we have some really good basketball times to look forward to.

My coaching friends (retired) who know the NBA scouts who are coming to Walton Arena tell me that both Jones and Joe are coveted by the pros. The row right behind me in the media section was full of NBA scouts last night. I don’t know them, but I’m told they are not the ones they send to look at second rounders.