Next year

What are the expectation for the football team next year that will make fans happy about who ever the hire is?

Bowl game.

Show up every Saturday with your hard hat and tool belt on ready to go to work and show improvement every week and we will eventually get were we want to be, this goes for coaches and players. We just saw 22 games with little to no improvement and everything being the players fault. It’s time to stop being the door mat of the Sec and once again become a proud program ! We have playmakers on this team right now and it’s time to have a coach that can better utilize what talent we do have, as K.J. is the future at QB. We have enough talent on the team to be better than we’ve shown and it’s obvious HY thought that way also.Hope we can hold these players together until we get a new coach hired and then make their decision to go or stay. The sun will rise again this morning and so will this program as we’ve already took a step in the right direction. WPS

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With the schedule, 3-9 is realistic.

Win the 3 non conference games that are not Notre Dame.

Compete in SEC games.

Show improvement each week such that in November the team can win an SEC game and is not getting blown out.

A team playing with heart and emotion.

5-7 would mean 2 SEC wins, and that would be a big turnaround.

Sad that we can say 3-9 is all we expect from a Razorback first year coach.

Depends on the coach.

I think 2-10, 3-9 is realistic with next years schedule. Anything better and I’ll be happy we are going in the right direction.

I’m thinking 3-9 but I’m sure if we end up 2-10 the fire the coach crowd will be all over whomever the coach is. Hopefully the new coach can get the current players, that stay, to play hard and compete. That will determine how the year goes. This is something CCM was not able to accomplish. Hopefully with CBB’s guys pretty much gone we can move on to better times.

Wow. it’s depressing to think in terms of a 3-9 season a year from now. However, I can’t really argue with that expectation. I just hope the fans will give the new coach a chance. If he goes 2-10, 3-9 two seasons in a row, we might have to accept the idea that no coach can really turn it around without a long term commitment. I think we made the right decision by replacing CCM because we showed no improvement & even a bit of regression. However, none of us can be absolutely certain the problem was just not fixable or even improvable this soon.

Way to early to say, a lot of things happening over the next few months will have a big say in that.

Correct. First of all, how many of CM’s recruits bail out, particularly on defense? There are some young pups with potential but they weren’t put in a position to succeed. You can get away with starting a freshman or two if there are nine quality players around them. We didn’t have that on either side of the ball. Second, how does the new coach do in the portal?

What I would hope would happen is what PJ Fleck did at Minny. He took over a program in turmoil (they were winning but the previous coach was fired after he supported his players in a boycott related to suspensions of teammates for sexual assault). Went 5-7, 7-6 with a bowl win, and now 9-0.

Next season I hope for the hogs to at least win 5 games.
3 non conference games
Missouri and Miss ST.

We need to show some fight but there’s. I way way we have a chance to beat Bama. LSU or Auburn.

If they win 4 games it will be a miracle

Now that we know more about all the discord behind the scenes, I think they can win 4 if they do get a decent coach. Maybe 5 with a good deal of luck, but I won’t hold my breath on that.

I refuse to believe we are a talentless Sun Belt team. I just don’t buy it. We may be bad, we may be really bad - but we are not as bad as the scores have been this season.

With a competent staff we could’ve beaten SJSU, Ole Miss or Kentucky, and WKU this year.

It you squint you can even see some positions that will be improved to some degree.


For two years, all we have heard is that the Hogs are going to have to recruit their way out of this ditch. Not sure how that will work for next year since it will be difficult to grab a top recruiting class. We might see a Musselman approach via the transfer portal, but that would only exacerbate the longer term solution. Like others have said, I just want to see maximum passion and effort every game. Sometimes that can overcome talent deficiencies.

Another 2-10 means the Hogs lose to Kent State, Charleston Southern or Monroe in November. Not acceptable.

We don’t play Kent St. We play Nevada. Nevada isn’t a bad team. It’s true losing to them or either of the other two teams is “not acceptable” but we might have no choice but to accept it. I do not think we will lose to any of those teams, but I didn’t think we’d lose to WKU & SJS, either.

If a new coach can come in, unite the team, get a recruiting class that isn’t horrible, and not lose any good players through the transfer portal, we might win 4 or 5 games, but I’m not expecting much at all next year. Three wins might be our max. Would love to be wrong.