next year

legit players on defense. we have three that are or can be very good. proven players. agim, greenlaw, and pulley. thats all i see. pulley i was impressed with all year. sosa will get doubled a lot next year, but he is the real deal. if greenlaw can stay healthy he’s very good. thats three to build around.

defensive line: counting on the hype of last years class, unproven. one signee this year, one big miss on the juco that signed with colorado.
linebacker: lets face it, been a lot of busts in recruiting here. is hargraves the right coach at this position?
corners: pulley is the real deal, who else? no-one proven. thin on numbers.
safety: up and down position but no all sec players here. have one committed from arkansas but unproven and a freshman.

offense: ragnow, whaley, and williams. cornelius if he stays healthy but not an all sec player… thats about it. i don’t include allen in that group after what i saw this year. and beliema won’t make a change here, he sticks with one and wins or loses with his decision.

offensive line, very disappointing. inconsistent… and we are still low in numbers there. don’t have backups to push the starters. only going to sign three this year, and this from a coach that loves to pound the ball. a head scratcher to me.

wide out, who knows. we signed some jucos. have jones, stewart and pettaway. cornelius is a good one but injury prone. very questionable position next year. we do have a very good coach at this position, hope we keep him.

tight ends: o’grady played well last night and we have another juco coming in highly acclaimed but not proven.

special teams: another year of inconsistent kicking. who here is convinced of hedland? do we have anyone that can kick a kick off in the end zone? new punter highly acclaimed but unproven. we should have an abundance of return guys, i would like to see hammond on kickoff return. not a skinny wide out getting smashed.

thats not a lot of what i call sec talent. and with the schedule, probably going to be more of the same next year. tcu first test, a and m though is key to season. sumlin has beliema’'s number. if we can’t beat a and m, another year like this one or worse on the horizon… we aren’t going to beat bama, auburn, lsu. talent wise we just don’t match up with those schools. can win the rest of our games. recruiting is key. and who knows how much that collapse will hurt us in recruiting. we need 2 corners, a safety, a linebacker and an offensive lineman. this putting them in the oven, as beliema calls it, well so far we are still baking. go sign some talent that can make an impact. when you rank 9th to 12th every year in recruiting, well this is what you get.

i think 8 wins minus a bowl game is about the max for arkansas football. settle into mediocrity folks.

8 wins may be the max, but. 6 or 7 will probably be the reality.

this year we were very very fortunate to have won as many as we did

mediocrity is the high normal

This is a great post.

Definately have some people coming back that can help.

Got to like having O line coming back and running backs and QB and some good recievers.

Re O line, a chance to develop in off season. Gives walk on and D line switch Frohodlt a chance to develop more.

D, which has been mainly the problem this year appears thin with exception of the four or so you mention. Leaving 7 spots needing SEC level talent and don’t know if we have it.

Worst secret in recruiting is very few highly regarded D linemen in this class and got to have two deep Sec types if you are going to compete with best in SEC.

I wish that 7 or 8 wins was rebuilding season now in year four, but I’m unsure if this was our rebuilding year or whether it’s next year.

Feels a little like constant rebuilding or building program at moment.

But cautiously optimistic for next year if we can do some monsterous development of talent in off season.

Would love to see 10 wins next year but only people who can make that happen must be laser focused in off season.

Not sure I’ll ever be optimistic again in regards to either Arkansas football or basketball again. I like both coaches as people, but as coaches I have no confidence at all. Always hopeful but as long as Jeff long runs the show up there it does not pay to get your hopes up, even though he makes us pay through the nose to support mediocrity. Not buying the hype anymore.

I will tell you want we really need coaches on offensive and defense that can and will get the most out off the players greenwood arkansas is not the most talented team in arkansas but they have a coach that gets the most out off them that is the reason they onethe very best teams year after year

I will tell you want we really need coaches on offensive and defense that can and will get the most out off the players greenwood arkansas is not the most talented team in arkansas but they have a coach that gets the most out off them that is the reason they onethe very best teams year after year

Yes, Bush Hog, this is a great post because it is in a nutshell shows why the Arkansas football program is now among the three worst in the SEC.

When Long became AD I was worried. Just look at the evidence while he was at Pitt. He is a business leader. W’s and L’s are important, but dollars more so it would seem.

In addition, he was the first Chair of the playoff committee, but did that result in increased wins or national prominence? But hey, the stadium is expanding and prices are rising. He also signed Bielema to this contract with a huge buyout. I wish I could get that kind of deal with my employer.

I will admit I was excited when we snagged Anderson. There is work there too though with a conference that is down overall in Bball. There is opportunity, but I don’t know if the Hogs will respond.

Football? Well, I can’t say much as I am still very miffed about the season and not impressed with the current coach’s record or handling of such. He gets paid very well.

In summary, both coaches should be given an evaluation of “improvement needed”. If not, then why are we in the SEC? If it’s that hard to recruit, win, and be successful in arguably the best athletic conference in the NCAA should we just be happy with being middle to lower tier in the big revenue sports? The money in the conference is good, right? If not, should we move?

I am not trying to be a smart aleck, but as an alum and supporter I feel the answer to the question, “Why are we doing this?” is important. That would help set some expectations and assist in mapping success.