next year

so were going to sign 28 to 29 this year. good to see, we need them all.

how many scholarships will we offer next year. we need some good back to back classes to build some depth.

one qb
one or two rb
5 offensive linemen
1 tight end
2 wide outs

2 defensive tackles
1 defensive end
3 linebackers at least
2 safeties
2 to 3 cornerbacks

that’s 20 with no kickers

right now i count 21 juniors on scholarship but could be wrong.

that number would dwindle if agim and pulley leave after this year. hammonds is listed as a jr but he might get a redshirt year this year. nate dalton might be gone after this year after his tulsa antics.

no telling how many might find homes elsewhere after this year.

Razor between graduation and transfers I’d be willing to speculate signing 25 next year.
I hope Agim and Harris come back. Roster turnover is needed to change the makeup of the team.
There may be several more transfers we don’t know about.

Pully will surely turn Pro.

what about calloway? is he gone? last i heard he was still in school and out with a personal problem.

The way I understand Calloway deal, he will be back with team next year. May be next even semester.

There’s no way to know for sure. But I hope he comes back if he is willing to play where the team needs him!

Agim has always been pretty open about the fact he wanted to play three and then go pro. I think that will be a tough decision after this year. I think he will get drafted, but it may be in the 6th or 7th round. Weighed against that would be the chance of having a big senior year and moving up a few rounds, which could more than double or even triple the money he would make off his rookie contract.

I think you will see a smaller class next year. Around 20. We already need 5 players to transfer after the season to reach our 85 limit. If we sign 29 players in this class we will need 11 transfers after the season. That leaves us with a young team next year. 20 seniors scheduled for next years class before transfers, obviously Blake Johnson will probably transfer. This is how it will break down by position.
1 QB
1 RB
3 WR
2 TE
2 OL
2 DT
3 DE
1 LB
1 Nickel
2 Corners
1 kicker
1 punter (If you count B. Johnson)

I would assume we target more offensive lineman, considering loading up on D-line this class. It will probably look more like this.
1-2 QB (depending on Chandler Morris)
1 RB
3 WR
1 TE
3-4 OL
2-3 DL
2-3 LB
2-3 Corners
2-3 Safeties
Walk on kicker

That is between 17 and 23 commits.

I know that has become the rumor/narrative that has been out there and it is being put forth, but I am not sure that is the truth.

I look forward to getting to speak to him one day and get the back story instead of just accepting what is tossed out as being valid.

Seems I remember reading something he made the decision to leave football to concentrate on his ministry commitment or something to that effect.