next year?

dudley and those of you who really follow basketball recruiting will be able to answer this.

say anderson stays, and i would rather this NOT be a post about him, but my question is, is there any real talent that can come in and provide immediate help offensively?

the Hawkins kid, i have watched his highlights and he can help, but not a savior, just a piece of the puzzle i think. but he will need help.

the other big mentioned most, after watching film and reading about him, don’t know his name, seems like a project again. dudley mentioned him on the radio the other day.

franklin, having watched him play high school ball brings energy, defense, rebounding, but not a shooter by any means, scorer yes but shooter no.

we need shooters. we have one in joe, jones at times if he can cut turnovers. was nice to see chaney shoot a little 10 footer last night and swish it. he needs to be in or near the paint area rather than outside as so many of our 4s seem to be in this offense.

does hill have an outside shot?
how much can harris realistically improve his shot from behind the arc?
if henderson stays, is he an offensive threat at all?

who can we recruit that is a legit threat as a shooter? we need to put the ball in the hole.

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Do I think Arkansas is going to sign a transformational big men or guard in the spring period? Probably not.

Contributors that make the team better? Maybe. Probably.

I don’t know what is going to happen next season.

If the current coach is fired, my guess is there will be some transfers and the new coach will have a rebuilding job ahead of him and thus 2020 won’t be a good year.

But I am sure the fans will give the new guy a grace period/honeymoon since many believe the program is in bad shape and they won’t be hiring a magician.

If the current coach stays, Arkansas could be better, but there are too many variables to make a blanket statement on that.

Why do you think anyone would transfer? I’ve been a fan a long time and these kids don’t play any better for Mike right now than Pelphrey’s did during his last couple years. Something has happened since a few games ago. Body language has changed. It sure looks like he’s lost them.

Because it’s my job and I am around the players and the coaches.

There are players here who are because of Coach Anderson and some who are here because it is Arkansas.

Every coach I have worked for or covered since 1981 has lost kids in his first year. Some coaches ran some off.

It happens almost at every school, including the elite ones.

What makes you think this situation is any different?

This current program seems to have a couple transfer every year anyway. Regardless of year 8. That’s not meant to be a knock on Mike. It just seems inevitable.

If we dont think a top class coming in, then next year appears all about whether existing talent plays much better next year.

Do we believe the current roster can take that giant leap especially w likely losing Gafford?

DG, Gabe O and Adrio didn’t make much of a leap this past year it seems.

You may want to rewatch their games from last year and this year, they all improved. Did they all three become AA, no, but they improved. This goes back to my question in another thread, how many of you are actually watching the games, and how many of you are listening to talk shows and message boards?

Something I wonder everyday.

Will Gafford leave if he’s not a first round pick ? WPS

That’s actually something I wonder.

Daniel Gafford: has a worse offensive rating this year, a worse box score plus/minus this year, an equal Win Shares per 40, but worse Win Shares total this year, his usage rate is the same however his turnover percentage has doubled.

Adrio Bailey is shooting worse from the floor this year, has worse free throw shooting this year, is averaging fewer rebounds and blocks per 40 this year and already has more turnovers this year than last (and turnovers per 40 has also increased, thus not just usage), his Win Shares per 40 has decreased and his Boxscore Plus/Minus has been cut in half.

Gabe O is statistically better sans shooting percentage, though he was a net negative last year in Win Shares and BPM, he’s easentially a zero in those categories this year.

And, while it may be semantics to you, I never said they didn’t improved, but they didn’t make much of a leap. They haven’t IMO. Improvements, if any, are incremental

In other words you were wanting to complain about them and Mike, and then looked at stats instead of watching the games. Like I said.

We won’t see eye to eye on this. Unbelievably I must enjoy torture because I watch.

When I make definitive statements I do my best to back them up with facts. In this case I used stats. Anybody can come on this site and blast opinion and state them as facts. I prefer evidence.

If I said I watch every game would that convince you? Nope. Even if you did, you’ve got know way of knowing if I even know the difference between basketball and rugby. Therefore I backed up my claims that they haven’t taken much of a leap with stats. Pretty simple.

Dude, stats and “facts” can be manipulated to meet your agenda. Watch the games,

Dude, I do.

Dude, watch the games. Facts and stats are easily manipulated, if you actually watch the games you’ll see all three actually look better this year.