Next year

Can someone who’s more knowledgeable about the lineup than me give a quick projection on who’s back and who probably won’t be. What will our line up and staff look like next year? Thanks in advance!!

Here are the notable returning position players:

  • Koch
  • Cole
  • Fletcher
  • Biggers
  • McFarland
  • Williams
  • Kenley
  • Gates (probably)
  • Shaddy (possibly)

Notable pitchers

  • Campbell
  • McKinney
  • Reindl
  • Murphy
  • Lee
  • Cronin
  • Kopps
  • Loseke

I expect Spanberger, Bonfield, Knight and Stephan to sign with whoever drafts them.

You think Koch will still be here?

Koch is a sophomore. He isn’t going anywhere.

That looks like a very good start for next season!

I just hope that he has a backup next year. It seemed as though Gosser would be that this year, until he got hurt.

Arkansas signed multiple catchers in the '17 class.

Good deal. I just hope they pass muster. I remember a few years ago watching two freshmen catchers (in fall ball) who were unable to throw the ball to 2B without bouncing the throw.

TCU transfer Zack Plunkett will also be eligible.

He is listed as a C/P. Which will he be?

Yes, I forgot about Plunkett. He was a catcher during the fall.