Next year line up of death

Just for the sake of argument assuming J and J come back, we could put out there


That line up would be both huge and also have 5 guys who are good/great 3 point shooters. I know there will be many other combos but that one would be pretty interesting

Yes it would, but you best find a place for Sills.

There is no doubt that Coach Muss will have a lot more options next year. That fact emphasizes what a can do with a deep and multi skilled player pool to draw from. Some nights, we will go big and win a battle on the block. Other nights, we may play small ball most of time. It is great that we have a coach that can adjust to changing dynamics of the game and he recruits well enough to have a deep and varied group of skilled players.

Muss has a style of play developed from years of coaching at different levels. That can be good or bad, but it works because he usually make the right adjustment.

To the original poster, I do think that we will have several lineups that will prove to be “line ups of death” regardless of how the opponents play.

I will be keenly interested in seeing how this unfolds next season.

Being on the Muss Bus the past 4+ years, I’ve noticed he tends to play a very short rotation. It was my opinion that this was in response to a natural gap in talent level at about the 6th or 7th guy every year. On this year’s team team, I see that gap between the 7th & 8th guy.

So IF all his verbals sign, all are as good as advertised, and all are ready to immediately contribute at a high level, Muss will have an embarrassment of riches he’s never had before.

Will Muss continue to run a short rotation (and help good players find new homes), or will he run two very good “fives” … like the '93-95 teams?

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Sills should have a spot next season and I wouldn’t rule Chaney out just yet!
The depth of next years roster will begin to show all of us how CEM will adjust his rotation.
I’m still waiting to see how this season plays out. I’m hoping Henderson and Cyllia can contribute!


Is this year’s team a reflection of CEM making the best of talent on hand, a reflection of his preferred game or both?

How good are the three transfers currently not eligible to play this season? How does their talent compare to next year’s incoming recruits and this year’s starters?


I don’t think that’ll be the lineup of death. Vanover is too slow.

Having four guards and Williams is probably the better option. Myself, I think


I think he will mostly play a line up of success, be it death or not.

And the rotation is going to be longer than this year because the roster will be better and more versatile.

As far as the redshirting transfers, JD Notae should be mentioned along with the top guards, Vanover will surely log some significant minutes and 6-9 Abayomi “Bay Bay” Iyiola can give them some inside minutes when needed.

I always forget about Notae. And you’re correct he will get significant minutes. Shows how good the other returning guards and the HS kids are

I do think Vanover will play with both Williams and Chaney, I also think “Bay Bay” will play with Williams and Chaney. I also think you’ll see Williams and Vanover on the floor at the same time in certain situations.

As for my comment, it was said lineup of death. Don’t see Vanover as quick enough, Williams, however, is. But, I do agree with you, we will should have a bigger rotation next year.

Yet another great 5 guard line-up!

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Yep, agree.

Moses, KK, Joe, Jones, Notae, Sills, Davis, and Harris. Any five out of those guys would be formidable

I do believe Achilles Heel for this team (obviously) is lack of inside scorer. That’ll change next year but enjoy ing the ride this year.

IMO, as long as CEM is here, I’d bet Desi will be a 20 + min. player. He’s too good in so many areas, to not get his minutes.

I won’t disagree. I think you’ll see several guards used next year. I think it’ll be the interior guys who don’t get as many minutes

If Joe and Jones cone back, the one thing I am certain of is that unless Musselman changes his approach to rotation, there will be some unhappy guards on the roster.

Another item. I was thrilled when Vanover decided to come here. But after watching the way Musselman likes to play defense, I am concerned about how many actual minutes Vanover can get, if Mussleman uses the same defense that he has been using. I just don’t see Vanover be able to do what Bailey does. One of the reasons Chaney’s time is limited now.

Interesting thread. When I said “lineup of death” I should have clarified I wasn’t saying “best” or even “common”, just really interesting w the combo of size and shooting.

Conner will be a very interesting thing to watch next year. He is a truly unique player with some obvious speed limitations but also a match up nightmare for the other team. Suspect he will have games where he is a big part of the gameplan and others where he gets modest minutes.

One thing that is probably true is that we shouldn’t necessarily impute how Muss likes to play best from how he played this year. He has done a great job adjusting to current personnel. Next year he will have more parts and more flexibility, will be interesting to see how he does.

I agree with you on this.

Any coach who is keeping 13 players happy with their playing time is not coaching, but sharing.

Next year’s team will have a different make-up, but there is absolutely no way - after talking with Coach Muss about it - that Connor Vanover doesn’t log significant minutes.

He is a match up nightmare, especially with all the other components Arkansas should have.

Remember I had a qualifier. I said I wondered about how many minutes if Mussleman sticks to his switching man defense.

If Connor gets significant minutes and we stay with the switching man defense, I will be thrilled and pleasantly surprised at the same time.

The incoming freshman are going to have to be really good to gain significant minutes. The star quality is there with them, but who knows how they will respond to the college game.